Zhongke Sanan LED Plant Factory

It is understood that Zhongke Biological Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Fujian Sanan Group and the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in December 2015, with a total investment of 7 billion yuan. The company uses the research and development achievements in the field of plant science of the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and combines the LED light source technology of Sanan Optoelectronics, a core enterprise of Sanan Group, to carry out the industrial transformation of photobiotechnology and apply it to the fields of modern facility agriculture and biopharmaceuticals.

Zhongke Sanan LED Plant Factory

According to reports, the company flexibly introduced the expert team of academicians Kuang Tingyun and Fang Jingyun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and focused on promoting plant lighting series products, intelligent system equipment, factory cultivation of biopharmaceutical raw materials, and industrialization of innovative drugs for major diseases. It has the world's largest single LED plant factory, photobiological technology ranks first in the country.

According to Li Yang, deputy director of the Sanan Institute of Biological Industry, the products of the "Plant Factory" include various fruits and vegetables such as spinach, cucumber, tomato, and watermelon, as well as Chinese herbal medicines such as dendrobium and clematis. Compared with crops cultivated in traditional methods, with the support of core technologies such as photovoltaics and environmental control, the products of the "plant factory" are free from pesticide residues, microorganisms and heavy metal pollution, and the growth cycle is also greatly shortened. Taking clematis as an example, the growth period can be shortened from two years to six months.

So, how to customize the taste? Li Yang told reporters that taking lettuce as an example, through the precise regulation of nutrient solution, light and other indicators, it can not only make the lettuce fresh and sweet, which is more in line with the preferences of Chinese people; it can also increase the lettuce content, making it slightly bitter to chew and more Meet some western tastes.

Li Yang said that when the company was first established in 2016, the sales of fruits and vegetables were poor, but with the change of everyone's health concept, the company's products have been in short supply in the past two years. The reporter learned that, taking lettuce as an example, the price per kilogram is 60-80 yuan, while the price of 150g small-package lettuce that can feed a family of three is between 9.9 yuan and 12.8 yuan.

At present, the equipment and solutions of Zhongke Biological Co., Ltd. have been promoted to 29 provinces in China and "exported" to 33 countries.

Li Yang said that the company will implement a dual strategy in the future. First of all, the company will improve plant cultivation technology, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of cultivation through experiments to solve agricultural problems. Secondly, on the basis of the world's first unmanned plant factory, the company will invest in the research and development of intelligent equipment to make the production line more intelligent, so as to achieve the goals of energy saving, emission reduction, cost reduction and increased efficiency.


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