Why do LED headlights rarely have a "headlight cleaning" device?

LED headlights refer to the headlights, see clearly! All the light sources of the "headlights" use LEDs. The editor thinks that most cheap models are still using ordinary halogen headlights, and better models will use xenon headlights. In 2008, Audi, the "light factory", first used LED width indicators on the A4, which opened the era of LED headlights. Afterwards, many manufacturers started to follow up and began to adopt LED width indicator lamps. Now Europe has even begun to legislate to stipulate that all models on sale must be equipped with LED width indicator lamps for driving safety. However, all manufacturers only stop at the step of LED width indicators, and do not make further innovations.

Why do LED headlights rarely have a "headlight cleaning" device?

It was not until the launch of the Audi A8 and the second-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS in 2010 that the real LED headlights appeared in people's sight. For example, the headlights of the Mercedes-Benz CLS use a total of 71 LEDs, including 16 low beam lights, 8 high beam lights, 13 turn signals, 22 width indicator lights, 2 cornering auxiliary lights, and 10 others. The editor believes that almost all the characteristics of full LED headlights surpass the existing xenon headlights.

What does the headlight washer do?

The headlight cleaning device means that there is a water outlet under the headlights, which can clean the dust and dirt of the headlights at any time. Generally, some advanced models have this function.

When the car is driving at night or in low light, rain and dust will seriously affect the illumination of the headlights, causing the driver's sight to be affected, which poses a great hidden danger to driving safety. Therefore, the high-pressure headlight cleaning system device "simplely" and efficiently solves the problem of continuous and clear illumination of the headlights. According to the editor's investigation, the laws of many countries now require that the headlight cleaning system must be installed on the car.

●Guess 1: Brighter LED does not require "headlight cleaning"

According to the editor's investigation, this is a widely spread saying: Xenon lamp cleaning is a unified European standard. Xenon lamp is a gas light source. Although the brightness is very high, its penetration in a certain amount of dust is not as strong as that of LED lamps. , If there is other dirt on the xenon lamp during work, it will easily cause light dispersion, so the xenon lamp needs to be cleaned but the LED headlight does not.

●Guess 2: Because the "headlight cleaning" mandatory standard is different inside and outside

Domestic and foreign standards are different, and LED standards are also different. According to the editor's investigation, for example, Ford's Edge is equipped with xenon lamps in the United States and Canada, but there is no headlight cleaning device. If China has it, it will be a mandatory standard in China.

●Guess 3: China GB thinks that the brightness is not enough to use "headlight cleaning"

Many of the cars sold in China are regulated by GB (abbreviation for national standard). The most famous national standard for cars is GB7258, which is all-encompassing and not listed one by one. For example, the GB of lighting is GB4785, which clearly stipulates that if the dipped beam uses a light source with a "luminous flux" exceeding 2000 lumens, it must be equipped with a headlight cleaning device that meets the requirements of GB21260.

Therefore, (this project is only the investigation and analysis of the existing data of the editor and speculation) it can be imagined that as long as the luminous flux of the light source exceeds 2000 lumens, it must be equipped with a headlight cleaning device. Since the GB stipulates that the headlight cleaning device is not required if the light source is less than 2000 lumens, it is simple...

Because the headlight cleaning device is only related to the low beam, as long as the brightness of the low beam light source exceeds 2000 lumens - it must be equipped, otherwise the vehicle will not be certified, but this cannot be sold; however, the headlight is not standard The LEDs of the washer system are not as bright as the xenon setting of the standard headlamp washer system, so the headlamp washer is omitted.


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