4219 smart street lamps light up Yunyang County, Chongqing

In recent years, the country has vigorously promoted the construction of smart cities, and Yunyang County in Chongqing City is no exception. It has coordinated and built the “Urban One Light Project”. Now the main roads in Yunyang City have achieved full coverage of smart street lights.

4219 smart street lamps light up Yunyang County, Chongqing

As of December 2022, Yunyang County has newly installed 4,219 multifunctional smart street lights, covering a total length of 68 kilometers of smart lighting roads. You can see how “black technology” smart street lights can light up Yunyang.

1. Intensive renovation to help the city look good

In the past, there were many street light poles, video surveillance poles, traffic signal poles, road sign poles, etc. on the streets of Yunyang City. Traveling brings a lot of inconvenience, and it cannot meet the new infrastructure needs of 5G micro base stations and other equipment. In this regard, the Yunyang County Urban Management Bureau proposed the construction idea of “one pole with multiple functions”. It adopts a multi-functional smart light pole, installs it equidistantly, and lays an optical fiber pipe network to integrate 5G micro base stations, cameras, LED displays, etc. The sensing device is mounted on a light pole.

Smart street lights in Yunyang County use a combination of high and low arms to illuminate the roadway and sidewalk separately. The exterior design concept of the street lamp is based on the theme of “cloudy seasons, sunny mountains and rivers”, which is a fusion of “clouds” in the mountains and “water” in the Yangtze River. The shape is simple and elegant, and the atmosphere is elegant. The neatly arranged smart light poles have not only become the “heroes” for beautifying the city, but also have been given a higher value mission to improve the level of urban intensification and efficient management. “, is an important carrier of Yunyang smart city construction.

2. Light sensing, promoting the construction of smart cities

Traditional street lamps only have a single lighting function, which turns on and off at a fixed time. Sometimes it gets dark early and dawns late, and ordinary street lamps can’t sense it. This often causes unnecessary energy waste and the lighting effect on the road is also poor Not good, and may even increase security risks.

The smart multi-functional street lamp in Yunyang County not only integrates multiple functions, the biggest highlight is that it can realize remote monitoring and control, automatic intelligent monitoring of faults, according to the slope of the turning road, weather conditions, visibility level, seasonal sunshine changes, the brightness of the lighting It will change accordingly to give the road the most suitable brightness illumination and effectively save energy. For example, after 22 o’clock every day, when the traffic flow on the roadway decreases, the system will automatically reduce the power of LED lights, which not only meets the needs of road lighting, but also avoids energy waste. Smart light poles have good penetration in urban densely populated areas, and the layout is uniform and the density is appropriate. It can provide site resources and terminal carriers with wide distribution, excellent location, and low cost. It is the first choice for large-scale and in-depth deployment of 5G base stations in cities. .

The difference between smart street lights and traditional street lights is that it integrates urban management functions such as 5G micro base stations, environmental monitoring, video surveillance, LED display, one-key alarm, and emergency broadcasting. Smart street lights also have extended functions. In order to facilitate urban management, they can monitor the body temperature of traveling citizens, and even environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring, and air quality data monitoring can be realized.

3. Implement “Double Carbon” and promote green ecological development

With the official implementation of the first national standard of China’s smart light pole industry last year, smart light poles ushered in a broader space for development. The new generation of information infrastructure represented by smart light poles has become an important carrier for improving the city’s energy level and core competitiveness, as well as a key enabler for promoting the development of the digital economy.

Under the background of “dual carbon”, green and low carbon have spawned new industrial opportunities, and continue to lead the development of the lighting industry in new directions. Deeply tap the potential of energy saving and consumption reduction. In May last year, combined with the promotion of LED light sources, the County Urban Management Bureau carried out intelligent upgrading and transformation of the light poles on the 2.2-kilometer section from Gangmao Hotel to Liangjiang Holiday Hotel on Migrant Avenue. A total of 127 light poles were upgraded and transformed. pole. After the transformation, the average monthly electricity consumption of this section has been saved by more than 800 kWh. In addition, more than 4,000 smart street lights in Yunyang City reduce carbon emissions by about 800 tons per year.