A residential area in Hongkou District, Shanghai launched a solar flower lantern production activity

In order to help residents broaden their horizons and better understand the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, recently, the New Era Civilization Practice Station in Quyi Residential Area, Quyang Road Street, Hongkou District, Shanghai organized some residents to carry out solar flower lantern making activities.

A residential area in Hongkou District, Shanghai launched a solar flower lantern production activity

At the beginning of the activity, the teacher first explained to the residents what solar lights are. Solar lights are electric lights that are converted into electrical energy by solar panels. During the day, even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) can collect and store solar energy. As a safe and environmentally friendly light, solar lights are receiving more and more attention.

Afterwards, the teacher gave on-site instructions on how to make solar flower lanterns. “Wrap lead wire around a glass bottle with a lid to make a portable pole, then paste dried plant flowers into the bottle according to your preference, put in the filament, close the lid, and a beautiful and practical portable lamp is completed. “After the residents listened carefully to the instructor’s explanation of the steps for making solar portable lanterns, they started to make their own solar lanterns with great interest.

Everyone spoke to each other, gave full play to their imagination, and made unique solar flower lanterns with their own aesthetic perspectives. With the birth of beautiful solar flower lanterns, the laughter at the scene became more and more enthusiastic.

Aunt Gao, a resident who participated in the event, said: “This solar flower lantern is really beautiful and practical. I plan to give it to my grandson when I get home. I just want to tell him the solar energy knowledge I learned today and cultivate children’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection.” Finally. , residents rushed to take photos with their own works, leaving beautiful memories.