Ameco hangar takes the lead in adopting LED lighting in China

At the beginning of 2018, Beijing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ameco) North China route A380 hangar 3#, 4# top lamp energy-saving renovation project completion acceptance, 148 sets of high-power LED lighting officially put into use. The success of this project marks that the A380 hangar has become the first aircraft maintenance hangar in China with high-power LED lighting.

Ameco hangar takes the lead in adopting LED lighting in China

In recent years, Ameco Integrated Security Department has taken the lead in promoting the use of energy-saving electrical equipment, especially LED lighting products with low power consumption and long life. It has been widely used in Ameco Beijing Base and North China Route Center. In 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission’s “Semiconductor Industry” 13th Five-Year Development Plan clearly pointed out that to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the semiconductor lighting industry, as a result, Ameco decided to use LED lamps in the aircraft maintenance hangar to fill a blank for indoor high space applications of the domestic high-power LED lighting.

The hangar LED high-altitude lighting project team conducted long-term research and feasibility analysis during the project promotion process. LED lighting can save energy, but there are also related drawbacks: the light parameters in indoor high space environment are not as good as another lighting; high power LED generates large heat, which will cause the lamp life to decay; directional light causes serious glare, which is not conducive to maintenance work; in the original lamps. In order to achieve the desired lighting and energy-saving effects, the project team has overcome many technical problems, tested the theory with practice, and finally formulated a new standard for the rigorous lighting industry. The project team used this standard as the basis for the selection of the A380 hangar ceiling light and designed the intelligent area control system, which made the energy-saving rate more than 65% and successfully completed the transformation project.

On April 18th, the project team held a project summary meeting on the A380 hangar. After three months of actual use, the employees of the North China Line Center reported that “the new lighting equipment is bright and not dazzling, and there is no burning feeling when working at high altitude at night, and it is particularly comfortable when working.” It can be recognized by users, which is the biggest compliment to the project team.

The success of the project is only the beginning of the application of high-power LED lighting in the aircraft maintenance hangar. Ameco Comprehensive Support Department will use this project as a basis, to sum up, experience, continue to promote the development of lighting energy-saving work and illuminate the future of infrastructure services for the aviation maintenance industry with new technologies and new standards.