China LED outdoor lighting market have good potential

China’s rapid development and urbanization, energy conservation efforts continue to increase, for the future development of LED lights provide a huge potential market. With the domestic LED lighting industry for many years of development, LED energy-saving product quality has entered a new stage. This year’s government work report, also describes the support for green energy products, strong signal, LED outdoor lighting energy saving has become the main force.China LED outdoor lighting market have good potential


In outdoor lighting, the development potential of the largest street. According to statistics, in 2012, China’s LED lights in an amount of about 5 million, an increase of 44.09 percent over the previous year, accounting for the overall street in the amount of 14%. 2013, LED lights domestic market penetration is to reach more than 15%, to become China’s LED lighting fixtures promote the use of the most representative.

Some experts said that by 2015, LED lights will remain around 50% compound annual growth rate, in 2015, LED lighting in the field of road lighting overall penetration will reach 46% in the next two years will add more than 30 million LED lights and tunnel lights. These positive expectations gave LED lights to bring greater development potential.

Outdoor lighting products have been not as indoor lighting as cause for concern, however, is still widely used determines its unparalleled sales volume, is well-deserved stealth sales champion. From the nineties as a separate category since entering the industry lighting, the type of outdoor lighting, technology, expanding range of applications, upgrades, increasingly widespread use demand drive exponential growth.