Chongqing municipal roads will be officially used tube LED lighting

Political commissar learned from Chongqing City, the inner ring expressway tunnel renovation project Zhenwushan year will start.

The renovation project, will enable the 2184 LED tunnel lights, it marks the main city road straight tube LED lighting into official use by the pilot stage.

Chongqing municipal roads will be officially used tube LED lighting

Meanwhile, the Chongqing Municipal Lighting Authority has said, is compiled by the City of Chongqing political commissar of the organization’s “main city of Chongqing Urban Lighting Plan (2009-2025),” passed the expert review. Expected by the end of the plan will be prepared and submitted to the municipal government for approval. In the future, Chongqing street layout may be more reasonable, night lighting will become more beautiful.

It is understood that the status of the city’s urban lighting field research analysis, road lighting street lamps light type selection is unreasonable, landscape lighting, light, improper use of color, light pollution phenomena, such as lighting defects still exist in some areas. To this end, the city last year to start the preparation of the “plan.”

The “plan” Chongqing city lighting Authority and the Design Institute of Chongqing by, the city’s first urban lighting special planning. The city’s main city planning covers approximately 5473 km2 nine administrative regions, namely the urban core areas and functional areas to expand the scope of urban functions, including buildings, roads, streets, bridges, squares, parks, public green spaces and other functional lighting and landscape lighting.

According to the plan, in the functional lighting, will promote the application of energy-saving technologies, strengthen management of public lighting facilities. To 2020, and strive to master all the functions of urban lighting indicators have reached or some indicators better than national standards; landscape lighting, will optimize the distribution of city lights attractions, highlighting key areas, to create a comfortable and harmonious nighttime light environment, to create a unique Chongqing distinctive landscape garden city at night.