DALI Alliance joins IP-BLiS

It is reported that the DALI Alliance has recently joined the “IP Building and Lighting Standards” market interest organization IP-BLiS to support the integration of Internet Protocol (IP) transmission and security mechanisms to simplify the deployment, supply, and protection of complex building systems.

DALI Alliance joins IP-BLiS

IP-BLiS was jointly launched by BACnet International, KNX Association, OCF, Thread Group, and Zigbee Alliance in June 2020. Together, these standards organizations support the widespread adoption of IP-based security, a multi-standard infrastructure, as the backbone of lighting and building automation solutions in commercial buildings.

The use of IP as a common network protocol allows IT systems and building services (including lighting control) to operate on all configurations that are secure, IP-based. Therefore, building operators can look forward to end-to-end addressing and security, easy connection between previously independent applications; unlimited scalability; better, faster, and lower-cost integration; and great flexibility Sex and physical transmission and application choice.

Paul Drosihn, general manager of the DALI Alliance, said: “On behalf of all the leading lighting companies that make up our members, we are very happy to join IP-BLiS and help solve the complexity and connectivity barriers in smart buildings.” “Internally, our team is working Significant progress is made towards the first IP-based DALI specification, which will enable DALI networks to have wireless connectivity, as well as IP, addressing, and security.”

“DALI, as a leading digital lighting control protocol, joined IP-BLiS, and once again emphasized the importance of making commercial buildings more sensitive to user needs through the promotion of security, IP-based multi-standard, IoT-based IoT solutions. The vision of IP-BLiS. As DALI becomes a new member, we see that IP-BLiS has been confirmed in its previous activities and succeeded in the future roadmap of IP-BLiS,” IP-BLiS Chairman CastoCa Avate said.

IP-BLiS will speak in a unified language to facilitate IP-based network connections with common transmission and security requirements, and organizations will not create their own standards. Each participant is responsible for specifying his own technology. This allows companies to decide which solution is best for their business and use cases.

Similarly, IP-BLiS attempts to adjust the industry’s safety requirements, rather than reinvent them. Security issues are discussed in the IP-BLiS blog, titled “Common Myths About IP Networking for IoT”.