Dalian Bay Submarine Tunnel Lighting System Lights Up

Recently, after 120 consecutive days of high-intensity fighting, the lighting system of the first cross-sea immersed tube tunnel in the high-latitude cold region of my country has been completely installed and debugged, and the interior of this submarine “giant dragon” has been fully lit.

Dalian Bay Submarine Tunnel Lighting System Lights Up

As a high-tech submarine lighting system, the artificial intelligence lighting of the Dalian Bay Submarine Tunnel in Dalian City, Liaoning Province can achieve harmony and unity with natural light, and can “feel” cloudy, sunny, cold, and warm, night and day – can adapt to the light perception of the four seasons change, timely adjust the color temperature and color difference between the seabed and the land area; adjust the brightness of the seabed light in time according to different weather such as sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, foggy, etc., as well as different light intensities such as morning, evening, daytime, and nighttime “High EQ” two-in-one.

To light up such a huge “dragon” on the seabed, there are many types of lighting that need to be set up – basic lighting in the middle section of the main line of the tunnel/ramp, emergency lighting, enhanced lighting at entrances and exits, lighting for awnings, passage lighting, and lighting in equipment rooms etc.; there are more than 10,000 sets of lighting fixtures alone, and the total length of the laid circuit is nearly 420,000 meters, involving nearly 180,000 meters of power pipelines, and nearly 10,000 sets of hangers…

At the same time, a strong power supply system is also required to support one lighting power distribution room and emergency lighting power supply room are respectively set up in the north bank equipment area of the tunnel, the south bank equipment area (1), and the south bank equipment area (2). Install 2 lighting equipment platforms. The lighting distribution room is equipped with a lighting distribution cabinet, an intelligent lighting control cabinet, and a lighting distribution box in the equipment area. The emergency lighting power supply room is equipped with a centralized emergency power supply device and a type A emergency lighting centralized power supply. A 10kV/ 0.4kV buried transformer for lighting, lighting distribution cabinet, intelligent lighting control cabinet, centralized emergency power supply device, and A-type emergency lighting centralized power supply.

Such a complicated submarine lighting system installation project is faced with difficulties such as time constraints, heavy tasks, and cross-operations. Especially for the lighting installation of the arc section of the submarine tunnel, it is necessary to convert the distance of the center line of the road into the distance of the inner arc and the outer arc before construction. , In addition, the installation of lamps and lanterns is a high-altitude operation, which is more dangerous. The Dalian Bay Submarine Tunnel Electromechanical Team of the China Communications First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.’s installation company faced difficulties head-on and took measures such as advanced layout, process coordination, and precise debugging to ensure quality and quality with the construction rhythm of “all-weather operations” such as non-stop holidays and shifts during the day and night. Quantitatively promote the construction progress. In the end, the important project node of lighting installation and commissioning for the entire tunnel was successfully realized.

This submarine “dragon” was successfully lit up, marking another crucial step towards the goal of opening the Dalian Bay Submarine Tunnel on time.