Daxing Airport Expressway “Smart Street Lamp” saves 400,000 kWh

The reporter recently learned from Beijing Investment Transportation Company that since the Daxing Airport Expressway was officially opened on July 1, last year, the total traffic volume has reached 17.44 million. In the past year, the high-speed “smart street lights” have saved about 400,000 kWh of electricity, with a comprehensive energy-saving rate of 30%.

Daxing Airport Expressway "Smart Street Lamp" saves 400,000 kWh

Citizens drive to the Daxing Airport Expressway at night, and they will find that the street lights along the way are bright and starry. These seemingly insignificant street lights have “great wisdom.” The high-speed Daxing Airport adopts LED lighting technology and has installed more than 5,000 lamps. Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, this street lamp has lower energy consumption and higher energy efficiency. The color temperature is close to natural light, the light is uniform, and the look is more comfortable.

Smart street lamps can be remotely controlled for individual dimming. Through the Internet of Things technology and connected to the wireless communication network, the system can perform individual step-less dimming for each street lamp. Under the premise of ensuring lighting requirements, according to different road segments and different time periods, Different traffic flow sets the street lamp operation plan, flexibly responds to changes in lighting demand caused by sudden weather, seasonal changes, etc., enhances the energy-saving effect of street lamps, and extends the life of street lamps.

In addition, the comprehensive use of the monitoring system GIS map technology can real-time online understanding of the running status of all street lamps, realize automatic inspection of street lamps and automatic alarming of faults, guide operation, and maintenance personnel to carry out the active operation and maintenance and directional maintenance, which has changed the past The operation and maintenance method of hotline repairs greatly improves operation and maintenance efficiency and saves maintenance costs.