Eliminate vacuity light effects, ENELTEC led lighting more energy saving

LED lights has been able to rapidly develop, compared to other lamps, is one of the key advantages of energy saving. The evaluation of a LED lights are energy-saving energy efficiency is reflected in the initial light effect of this indicator.

Eliminate vacuity light effects, ENELTEC led lighting more energy saving

January 2015, “Consumer Reports” to third-party testing agency inspection Philips, Op, Linsen, Langshi lighting, Foshan lighting, three male Aurora, this state of international lighting 7 of daylight LED bulb, its the initial luminous efficiency comparison test. It was found that 7 of the label 5-watt LED bulb are quite different in terms of the initial light effect.

Light efficiency is the ratio of the total electric power light flux emitted by the light source to consumption, is an important indicator of performance evaluation of LED lights and energy saving effect.

According GBT24908-2010 “general lighting self-ballasted LED lamp performance requirements,” the initial light efficiency testing results showed that: Foshan Lighting initial luminous efficiency of up to 111.4 lm / W, followed by three male Aurora 100.6 lm / W, ENELTEC 98.9 lm / W , Langshi lighting worst, only 62.3 lumens / watt.

Op lighting in response Articles said: “is used to measure changes in the luminous efficiency from electrical to optical efficiency of the parameters at a certain color temperature, light efficiency is higher, the electric energy represent the same into an optical turn. said that the realization of a certain light, electricity consumption is also less need, that the more energy-efficient. “