LED lamps for decoration election is crucial

Now has gradually entered the era of LED lighting, LED lights higher brightness, longer life, green environmental pollution, has become the preferred home lighting. Create a healthy and comfortable home environment lighting, starting with the election of the light fitting. What types of LED lights?

LED lamps for decoration election is crucial

LED Bulb: LED Bulb is, is used to replace the traditional incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps U, is the applicability of the most widely used LED lights. Now the LED bulb has been able to achieve all-plastic design, lower prices, such as ENELTEC “Xiaofan Star” LED bulb, there is 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W four wattage, all-plastic design, compared to the previous more cost-effective products for everyday home improvement most appropriate. Bulbs are light products, we often say that the change of the “light bulb” generally refers to changing light products, ENELTEC bulb using a common E27 E27 lamp cap for installation of different lamps inside, or directly to the lamp is turned on the lamp holder be used.

LED Down Light: LED Downlight is embedded into a light beam ceiling lighting, the difference with the traditional halogen downlights are different emitting principle, ENELTEC Walden downlight uses LED light source, LED light source is a cold light source no heat radiation, light evenly without dark areas, long life, usually mounted on the periphery of the bedroom, living room, bathroom. This is fitted to the inside ceiling lamps hidden set of simple space-saving, soft light projected through space can enhance the overall grade.

LED Candle Light: LED Candle Light a candle flame for its shape and appearance similar to its name, the light is yellow and soft light, a candle flame sense, generally used in the crystal lamps, decorative lantern, can enhance the overall decorative effect. ENELTECLED starlet candle light golden and white colors, and pull the tail tip bubble bubble two shapes, adapted to different lighting, designed for crystal lamp design with a professional lens processing technology light uniformity, color bright light dazzling lighting heighten the overall exterior design features, with the golden appearance, better bring out the dazzling effect of crystal lamps.

T8 lamp integration: T8 lamp is actually integrated LED lamps, with the traditional fluorescent tube lighting works differently, using the country’s top LED chips, light decay, long life; traditional fluorescent tubes containing mercury can cause environmental pollution, and the separation of lead ballast and lamp installation inconvenience; ENELTEC integrated lamp uses LED light source, constant current driver no stroboscopic lamp is compatible with the base to facilitate the integration of design and installation. Generally used in homes, offices, libraries, supermarkets and other public places, the use of integrated design and decoration, maintenance more convenient.