High Power RGB LED stage lights

High Power RGB LED stage lights

High Power RGB LED stage lights

ENELTEC is ready to impress with their latest and most advanced product offering yet, and sure to set the new standard for high power moving yoke wash luminaries.
How does it beat the competition?
High Power RGB LED stage lights smaller:
The most compact moving head wash fixture can be mounted on 14″ centers in any position plus compact truck pack allows 6 units in the same space 2 traditional fixtures would take.
High Power RGB LED stage lights Lighter:
Die cast aluminum head and industrial light weight plastics with the fixture weighing in at 16 lbs gives an output lumen to physical weight ratio that is unmatched. Less weight in the truck and rig is always better.
High Power RGB LED stage lights Faster:
High Power RGB LED stage lights State of the art stepper motor control and compact moving mass for quick and accurate movements moving 660 degree pan in less than 2 seconds while at the same time offering smooth and fluid movements.
High Power RGB LED stage lights Brighter:
90 Luxeon K2 LED’s arranged in a maximum density allows for light output comparable and often brighter color to color of 575w discharge fixtures.
Yes, with the Impression, Elation Professional introduces a new LED Moving Head in an ultimately compact format. Through its flexible installation options, the unit can be installed in various orientations – making the Impression especially suitable for a variety of applications.

Additive color mixing
90 Luxeon K2 high power LEDs
Average service life: 100,000 hr.

30 LEDs per color wave lengths optimized for maximum visible color gamut

60 cold white LEDs, 30 amber LEDs allow continuous color temperature adjustment

Highly efficient collimator cluster
Interchageable lens carrier with 10 degree beam angle (25 degree optional)
Intergrated stray light screen

High precision stepping motor control
8 or 16 bit resolution selectable
Maximum speed 660 degree Pan in 2 sec., 300 degree Tilt in 1 sec.

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