How is the facade lighting of Guangzhou East Tower created?

Guangzhou East Tower Curtain Wall Lighting Project, located in the East Tower of Chow Tai Fook Financial Center in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou City. The tower is 111 stories above the ground, with a total height of 530 meters and a curtain wall area of approximately 120,000 square meters.

How is the facade lighting of Guangzhou East Tower created?

The fa?ade lighting of the tower is divided into two parts: low-level and top-level traditional lamps and mid-to-high-level LED lamps. Traditional luminaires include the first two and six layers of canopy downlights and floodlights, three to nine layers of spotlights, and top spotlights; mid-to-high-level LED luminaires to include forty-level to top-level scattered starlight installation, seventy to the top strip lights are arranged.

LED luminaires of this project are concealed in the curtain wall structure, the luminaires cannot be seen on the floor, and the appearance color is similar to the curtain wall structure, which does not affect the appearance of the building during the day.

In terms of power supply for lamps, the power supply of LED lamps is centralized in the control room on the equipment level, eliminating the need to occupy other functional rooms, and it is convenient and quick to debug and maintain. In terms of the lamp control system, LED strip lights to use 40 pixels/meter high-resolution lamps to make the lights easy to control to achieve the effect of soft gradient.

The control system has the function of lamp status feedback, the administrator can clearly understand the operation status of the lamp in the main control room, find the problem in time, and fix the problem at a fixed point.

The LED lamps (star lights and linear floodlights) in this project are installed in the curtain wall factory, and the lamps follow the curtain wall.

The hand-to-hand connection of the lamps inside the unit is completed in the curtain wall factory. After the unit lamps and the mainline are connected to the upper wall of the unit, the hanging wall equipment is used to connect the external walls.