India’s challenge more efficient lighting plan

“Efficient lighting plan” of the Indian government will undoubtedly bring huge energy saving and environmental protection benefit for India.However, India in 2018 to complete “efficient lighting plan”, to achieve energy saving target, still faces many challenges.

India's challenge more efficient lighting plan

India’s current national consumption ability is lower, there are still most of the group can’t afford to buy LED lights.India also LED the market demand at present is mainly driven by government plans, the government is responsible for the procurement and assigned to a citizen, is a large amount of purchase.Therefore, even if the government, also need a lower purchase price.

At present, the Indian government LED purchasing will appoint to state-owned energy service co., LTD. (EESL), the company in June 2015 has placed the government purchasing LED bulbs price to a third of a year and a half ago.The price of purchasing LED bulbs for each 73 rupees, and in February 2014, the price is 310 rupees, fell 76%.In December 2015, PiyushGoyal also said that the government of India in the next year will continue to purchase through EESL LED bulbs over 60 million.

Goyal, in December 2015 announced: the Indian government will implement DDUGJY plan, ensure that in 2018 the national rural electricity, for there was no 18452 rural electric power supply.Goyal also said that in order to realize the promise to the people, the relevant government departments also launched an APP – “GarvGrameen Vidyutikaran”.In this APP, users can real-time monitoring Indian rural electric current conditions.