LED lighting enterprises are facing many problems

This series of events restricting the development of China’s LED lighting industry, in this context, how to break through the dilemma to seek sustainable development of the industry has become a number of LED companies are facing the urgency problem.


1, the market resources to be further integrated As we all know, the past two years, the domestic LED lighting industry can be described as blowout development. However, in this fiery trend of development, LED lighting industry signs of overheated investment, at the same time, LED industry, the phenomenon of vicious competition began to appear. General Manager Wu Wenbin told reporters that the same power LED lighting product cost is 3 to 4 times that of traditional lighting products, but the market a lot of shoddy LED lighting products to seize the market at low prices, greatly reducing the consumer’s trust degree. According to the national phase-out incandescent road map, from this year onwards, China’s lighting industry will accelerate into the “energy-saving era.” The government’s 100 billion purchase of large single and subsidy policies have also been introduced. However, LED lighting products in the popularity of the Chinese market has not kept pace with the pace of good policies. How to break through the predicament in the development, to seize market opportunities, to promote the cycle of industrial chain development, is worth thinking about. Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. related to the person in charge, you can LED core technology breakthroughs in research, integration of resources, reduce LED product prices, and promote the popularity of products. To this end, the ground on the photoelectric recently launched the “factory incubator program” will be more than 10 years in the LED lighting industry, the successful exploration of experience and technology research and development design platform, mass production capacity, business models and operating experience, and other partners to share .

2, the industry standard to be introduced as soon as possible Kingsun relevant responsible person that the domestic LED lighting industry, frequent product sampling pass rate is low and other quality problems, one of the main sources is the lack of domestic LED lighting industry standards. Up to now, LED in China has gone through 20 years of development, but the domestic still lack of industry-recognized national standards. Analysis of the industry, the lack of standard LED lighting market caused by the strange phenomenon of high-end LED lighting products to do the company but will “suffer” because the low-end products can easily get through the low-cost projects, which for an industry development is very Adverse.

As the LED province of Guangdong has been walking in the forefront of exploring the development of LED industry, in 2011, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and the Provincial Science and Technology Department jointly issued the first in Asia, “LED lighting industry standard system planning and roadmap”, planning in Guangdong Province In 5 years to take the lead in establishing more than 130 LED local standards, and the standard “starting point to be high.”