LED will lead to the “light of the revolution.”

In the 2014 cross-strait LED Application Innovation Forum held yesterday , the cross-strait LED industry experts gathered in Xiamen , in-depth discussion of health LED lighting applications , innovative design and intelligent development.

LED will lead to the "light of the revolution."

LED lighting is leading significant change in the lighting industry in the future will go to the driver leading the LED lighting application needs a new stage , ” light” from the simple “take light ” to create optimized transformed into ” light environment ” , the transition from fixed function to intelligence, from innovative alternative to traditional lighting to lighting changes.

Not only will the popularity of LED household , commercial lighting, road lighting, etc. , will also be extended to the agricultural , medical, communications and other fields in the future.

In the near future , and vegetables can be facilitated by special LED light irradiation production, quality and yield greatly improved ; in the medical field , dental fillings by LED light irradiation instant freezing , cut short our pain time ; daily ruptured small wound through Apply a special material , and illumination LED lights instantly repair , painless and sanitation ; in the field of communication , the future can be implanted in the LED lighting WIFI module , the realization of signal transmission, so that we truly experience the ubiquitous signal.