Looking LED lighting system solutions

If all of the electronic components and applications can be a perfect match, then the development of the semiconductor light source will be unlimited potential. On the Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany LED lighting systems and components can provide a complete lighting solution for many applications.

Looking LED lighting system solutions

Continuously improve luminous efficiency, brightness continued to improve, the quality of light is becoming more perfect, these factors make LED lighting to become a professional lighting market choice for harsh. Due to the number and type of applications increased, the LED light source and related systems are increasingly high requirements. Market needs complete and reliable lighting solutions. Optical, electronic and mechanical components must be highly matched, including the cooling system, including the only way to ensure long-term stability of LED lighting solutions provide high-quality light effects.

  LED modules and drivers combined to meet various needs

LED solutions include: all kinds of LED modules, LED drivers, emergency lighting systems, and lighting control systems. Broad product portfolio to meet the needs of a variety of end-use applications. Just one LED module, choose matching drives and cables can be for you to create a perfect LED light engines. As a core component of all lamps, LED light engine ensures a stable and high-quality optical efficiency throughout its life. More than 80 or even 90 or lower MacAdam 3 standard color tolerance (otherwise MacAdam 2 options) CRI greater value (CRI) and reached the LED module presents a uniform high quality white light.

  Adjustable white – comfortable soft white

Under normal circumstances, the normal color temperature is 3000K white and 4000K; while for adjustable white (latest LLE module), white light can be flexibly adjusted in the range of 3000-6000K’s. This means that it can simulate natural lighting weather changes, enhance the efficiency of the body’s comfort and employees. This is not only very suitable for offices and schools, but also for hospitals and other health care facilities.

  High-end custom white

Designed for exhibitions, shows and retail industry developed high-end series LED solutions have multiple versions. With full spectrum technology “ART” version of the drive spotlights and downlights with up to 98 color rendering index, the audience is like viewing artwork in natural light. Garment industry in particular favor with special spectroscopic techniques “FASHION” version. The bright white color to highlight their own clothing, and get rid of the previous emphasis on the yellow color temperature.