Municipal lighting in Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu

Street lights are dots of “starlight” that light up the night sky of the city, illuminating the road for citizens to travel safely at night.

Municipal lighting in Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu

In recent years, with the development of urban and rural construction in Huishan District and the continuous improvement of the traffic road network, the mileage of urban roads in Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province has increased by leaps and bounds, and the energy consumption of street lamps has increased year by year. According to statistics, Huishan District currently has more than 45,000 municipal lighting street lamps, but more than 35,000 of them are still using high-pressure sodium lamps. There are problems such as unreasonable energy consumption, imprecise management, and low urban lighting level.

Since 2022, in order to systematically improve the status quo of municipal lighting, Huishan District has been based on the long-term, focused on the future, promoted high-quality development with firm reforms, and initiated the implementation of contract energy management for municipal lighting facilities in the district.

What are the aspects of contract energy management for lighting facilities?

1. LED Energy Saving Transformation

It is planned to use 2-3 years to invest 87 million yuan to carry out LED transformation and single-lamp controller installation for 35,000 municipal lighting street lights. “The application proportion and power saving rate are higher than the city’s level.

2. Lighting intelligent supervision

Utilizing mature technologies such as GIS and Sanyao, an intelligent supervision platform for municipal lighting facilities in the whole district is simultaneously established to realize “one-network unified management” of lighting facilities in districts, towns (streets), and villages (communities), and to realize the dynamic grasp of information by district authorities and Intervention management and assessment.

3. Adjust the management system

The lighting facilities after the energy-saving transformation will be fully taken over by the District State Control Group, which will unify the management and maintenance entities at all levels, making the scientific and technological means, personnel technology, mechanical equipment and other aspects highly specialized, and strive to build a professional municipal lighting maintenance team based in Huishan.

Benefits of energy management contracts

It is reported that contract energy management can not only solve a series of software and hardware problems in the municipal lighting industry in our district, but also produce obvious economic benefits. According to preliminary estimates, after the energy-saving transformation is completed, 160 million kilowatts of electricity can be saved in ten years During the ten-year contract period, it is estimated that the government will save 112 million yuan in electricity bills, and the electricity energy-saving benefits generated will be distributed by the district-level finance and the State Control Group in a certain proportion. Public lighting resources such as street light poles will also be deeply tapped by the State Control Group. The potential value is used to feed back the development of the municipal lighting industry in the whole region, and then realize the healthy development of the municipal lighting industry.