Ningxia’s first LED smart plant factory built

In response to the urgent demand for high-quality horticultural products in the rapid urbanization of Ningxia, and to balance the shortage of water and soil resources, through the support of the key research and development plans of the autonomous region, Ningxia University, the Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Beijing Innovative Life Technology Development Co., Ltd. The company jointly implements the key project of East-West cooperation “Research and Demonstration of Energy-Saving and Efficient Cultivation Technology of Artificial Light Plant Factory”.

Ningxia's first LED smart plant factory built

The project will build a new intelligent LED artificial light plant factory of 225 square meters, supporting the construction of three-dimensional cultivation racks, nutrient solution supply and recovery, lighting system, air conditioning temperature control system, and comprehensive environmental control system, and expanding the supporting hydroponic cultivation of leafy vegetables under natural light conditions.

The project has developed 2 sets of red and blue chip combined and phosphor-excited LED plant light source devices, developed 1 set of plant factory light-temperature coupling heat exchanger and its control system; designed 3 sets of adjustable three-dimensional hydroponic cultivation systems, developed 1 item of nutrient solution circulation and uniform supply technology.

After the completion of the intelligent LED artificial light plant factory, it can produce 10 lettuce crops a year, and each crop can be planted with 6,000 plants; combined with artificial light seedlings, the hydroponic leafy vegetable system can produce 11 lettuce crops a year under natural light conditions.

The project achieves technological breakthroughs in light and heat energy saving, efficient use of water, fertilizer and land resources through plant factories, forming a high-tech industrial system of plant factories with independent intellectual property rights, boosting the rapid development of Ningxia’s plant factory industry, and improving the application of agricultural high-tech at home and abroad. Competitiveness makes a positive contribution.