Osram acquires shares in UVC LED company Bolb

It is reported that Osram acquired US company Bolb Inc through its venture capital arm Fluxunit. Approximately 20% of the shares have further enhanced its technology in UV-C light disinfection applications and consolidated its leading position in the light disinfection market.

Osram acquires shares in UVC LED company Bolb

Olaf Berlien, CEO of Osram Licht AG, said about the investment: “OSRAM already has a variety of UV-C light solutions for disinfection, including LED and traditional technologies. The strategic investment in Bolb strengthens our UV-C LED Expertise in the field, and makes Osram a leader in the non-visible light disinfection market.”

According to OSRAM, the future cooperation between the two companies in the field of scientific research will accelerate the industrialization of high-efficiency and high-performance UV-C LED. Unlike previous solutions, the LED-based disinfection system requires very little space and can be directly installed on equipment, such as faucets, washing machines, or ventilation systems. The space-saving disinfection solution has made an important contribution to the new crown.

Osram sees the prospects of LED in the light disinfection market

Bolb’s UVC LED lighting technology can disinfect water, air, and surfaces. Bolb’s LED technology can replace many existing UVC/invisible light disinfection applications based on mercury vapor lamps and other lighting technologies.

According to data from Allied Market Research, the current market value of UV disinfection solutions is approximately 1 billion euros. It is expected that this number will quadruple by 2027. Market researchers also predict that the share of UV-C LED solutions will grow steadily.

Currently, most UV-C disinfection applications are based on traditional lighting technology, usually mercury vapor lamps. Compared with these traditional lamps, UV-C LED technology has the potential to greatly reduce energy consumption while still providing the required high light output.

Compared with traditional lighting technology, LED provides many advantages for traditional lighting applications. UV-C LED promises to bring many benefits to manufacturers of disinfection solutions. These advantages include low energy consumption, long life, and greatly simplified system design due to the compact size of the light source.

The cooperation between Osram and Bolb is expected to overcome this technical obstacle. Thanks to the unique technical components of UV-C LEDs, Bolb has successfully achieved excellent efficiency values?far exceeding other products on the market.

Ulrich Eisele, head of Fluxunit, Osram’s venture capital division, said: “With Osram’s decades of experience in developing and manufacturing semiconductor products, this cooperation has laid the foundation for Osram and Bolb to lead the UV-C LED market.