Pakistan imported trains from China with LED lighting

“I finally realized my wish to take an advanced Chinese-made railway passenger car. The train is more comfortable than I imagined!” said Madiha Osman, a citizen who took the Pakistan Green Line express train to visit relatives and friends.

Pakistan imported trains from China with LED lighting

The Green Line express train line connects Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and the southern port city of Karachi, passing through major cities in Punjab and Sindh provinces, with a total length of 1,548 kilometers. On the 27th, the Pakistan Railway Company held a ceremony in Islamabad, announcing that the railway passenger cars imported from China in 2022 will be incorporated into the Green Line express train group and officially put into operation.

The green line express train set that departed on the same day was pulled by a diesel locomotive. All 9 carriages were imported from China, and 6 of them were passenger cars of CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. (CRRC Tangshan Company).

Lei Song, director of CRRC Tangshan Pakistan Lahore Service Station, said: “In order to create a first-class experience for passengers, we have equipped buses with wireless networks, and some cars are equipped with audio-visual entertainment systems behind each seat.” In addition, the Chinese engineers also trained the local operators on Chinese-made equipment such as the bus power supply system to ensure the smooth operation of the Pakistani side.

The reporter observed that the interior of the business compartment of the train is quite similar to the interior of high-speed trains in China, and uses LED lighting, which is clean and bright. At the same time, in addition to the air-conditioning system, electric fans were installed in the carriages at the request of the Pakistani side, and the 9 carriages also include 5 sleeper carriages.

Osman told reporters that she learned the good news from the media two months ago, so she brought her children to experience the train on the first day of operation. She is refreshed by the advanced equipment equipped on the train, which makes today’s journey no longer a simple rush, but a kind of enjoyment.

Imran Qureshi, a banker in Rawalpindi, Punjab, was very satisfied with the ride experience after riding a Chinese-made railway passenger car for the first time. Qureshi said that because of work reasons, he usually needs to travel frequently between Rawalpindi and Lahore, and taking the Green Line express train will be his first choice for business trips in the future.

Ali Asif, a passenger sitting next to Qureshi, is a local internet celebrity blogger. He said he wanted to shoot a short video to pass on the wonderful experience of riding a Chinese-made bus to more people.

“The tickets for this batch of railway passenger cars imported from China have been sold out in the next 10 days,” said Jalil Mahmood, station master of Rawalpindi Railway Station. A trend.”

Pakistani Prime Minister Shabaz delivered a speech at the ceremony on the 27th and said that China has exported very advanced railway passenger cars with many new functions to Pakistan. After these passenger cars are put into operation, they will enhance the image of Pakistan Railways, allow passengers to enjoy comfortable and fast travel, and help attract more passengers to choose railway travel.

“In the future, we will further help Pakistan to produce high-quality railway passenger cars locally, provide technical support to Pakistan, improve Pakistan’s railway transportation capacity, and allow more Pakistani passengers to take comfortable trains.” Lei Song said.