Fengyi Primary School in Yixing City, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province completed the classroom lighting renovation project

Education is the foundation. In recent years, the government of Guanlin Town, Yixing City, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province has continuously increased investment in education, continued to improve school conditions, and popularized projects that benefit the people. In the spring semester of 2023, Fengyi Primary School in Yixing City ushered in a major renovation of classroom lighting-the original fluorescent lamps in the classroom have all been converted into LED eye protection lamps.

Fengyi Primary School in Yixing City, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province completed the classroom lighting renovation project

Field Guidance Efficiency Acceleration

The “Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents” jointly issued by 8 ministries and commissions including the National Health Commission clearly states that “the visual environment must be improved, classroom lighting and lighting requirements must be implemented, and lighting equipment that is conducive to visual health should be used.” In order to protect the eyes of young people and children, the government of Guanlin Township guides the health supervision department to perform their duties conscientiously and work hard, and cooperates with the education department to jointly promote the classroom healthy lighting project.

Beginning in September last year, the government of Guanlin Township sent personnel to Fengyi Primary School to investigate and count classroom lighting problems. Considering the size of the classroom and the position of the blackboard are different, it needs to adjust the illumination several times to pass the test. The town supervisor took the trouble to run the on-site inspection again and again, and repeated it many times until the standard was fully met.

The education department of Guanlin Town requires that in the process of promoting the renovation of school classroom lighting, all schools should improve teaching facilities and conditions, provide students with a learning environment that meets the requirements for eye hygiene, and the school classroom lighting hygiene standards must reach 100%.

“It’s so bright in the classroom, it’s easier to see the blackboard.” “It seems that the classroom has become more beautiful.” “Reading and studying under the new light source, the eyes are much more relaxed!” On the first day of school, the children chatted non-stop and were full of curiosity about the classroom lights. The improvement of the classroom lighting environment has aroused positive responses from the children of Feng Xiao. Everyone said that the updated classroom lighting is softer and more uniform.

The teachers of Fengyi Primary School also expressed their praise: “I am very grateful to the town government for its concern and support for our rural school, not only improves the quality of the children’s learning environment but also reduces many difficulties for teachers in class, so you don’t have to worry about the children sitting next to you not being able to see the blackboard clearly.”

The renovation of classroom lighting has been widely praised by students, teachers, and parents. It can be seen clearly and the eyes are comfortable. Especially in the context of delayed service, the advantages of healthy lighting are more prominent. The government has invested a lot of money to do practical things for the people. Really let the common people get benefits.