Selection of household LED lights

LED lighting has gradually become the preferred home to buy lights , but there are too many fish in the market of inferior quality LED lights , however hard , for how to choose the ideal LED lighting has become a problem of many consumers . Here just tell you about how to choose the ideal LED lights.

Selection of household LED lights

First, consider the ” simple” products principle. Lighting in the room should serve as a finishing touch. Too complex shape, color is too complicated , are not suitable design simple room.

Second, we must choose convenient pre-installed LED lights, most people have experienced the embarrassment of replacing the ceiling lamp : stepping on tables, chairs marching , head 90 degrees, lift your arms too far to 2.5 meters high or even higher ceiling . Must be considered when selecting lighting lamp replacement easy . No room should choose chandeliers, pendant lights from the mouth to the ground because smaller .

Of course, energy efficiency is also very important , LED lights are basically with the idea of saving , energy -saving light bulbs only , sound and lighting , do not emit heat for long lights. Energy-saving light bulbs are mostly standard screw , but there are two chandeliers caliber, one is the standard , you can use energy-saving light bulbs ; One is non-standard , you can not use energy-saving light bulbs.

Further more a matter of principle to consider the safety of the product, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers of LED lights. Regular products are marked with the total load , based on the total load , you can determine how much wattage bulbs to use, especially for the most important Chandeliers , that the first few × each bulb wattage = total load. Another big moisture should use waterproof lights.

Finally, coordination problems , the overall style of lighting to coordinate with the room , and multi- lamp fixtures in the same room , you should keep the color coordination or style coordination. Such as wooden walls , wooden cabinet , wooden rectangular roof terrace , suitable for loading a rectangular wooden lights. With wrought iron tables, glass dining tables and chairs metal pipe rectangular hall suitable for loading a rectangular metal tube material chandeliers. An golden cabinet door handles , gold spotlights bedroom , suitable lamp with gold . Society cleverly coordinated with lights , so that every family is even more intimate .