Shijiazhuang Economic Development Zone fully promotes the construction and maintenance of street lights

In order to ensure the road lighting effect and city image before the Spring Festival, the Municipal Office of Shijiazhuang Economic Development Zone Construction Management Bureau has adopted a series of key safeguard measures to improve the lighting effect of street lamps and city image, and create a warmer and better atmosphere for the festival.

Shijiazhuang Economic Development Zone fully promotes the construction and maintenance of street lights

1. High pole lamps help improve lighting brightness

During daily night scene inspections, it was discovered that the lighting brightness of mid-pole streetlights at some intersections was insufficient in lux coefficient. In order to solve this problem, the staff put the plan of installing high pole lights on the agenda, taking advantage of the height advantage of high pole lights to provide a wider lighting range, improve the road lighting effect, and further ensure traffic safety.

2. It’s time to renew your appearance during the Spring Festival and brighten up your appearance

The lighting work before the Spring Festival is also in full swing. By lighting and decorating important nodes and public areas of the city, it can not only create a strong festive atmosphere, but also enhance the overall image of the city, allowing citizens to enjoy a more festive urban scenery during the Spring Festival.

3. Comprehensive safety inspection and a worry-free Spring Festival

Safety inspections have been intensified, and more than 30 street light box transformers and more than 2,400 light poles in the district have been tested for safety leakage one by one. All 12 safety hazards that have been discovered, such as circuit breaker faults and missing street light connection covers, have been rectified. Safety inspection work is still ongoing to effectively ensure the safe travel of the masses.

Next, the Municipal Office of the Construction Management Bureau of Shijiazhuang Economic Development Zone will continue to increase the construction of street light facilities, strengthen the frequency of safety inspections, and use good street lighting to provide a safer travel environment for drivers and pedestrians. The beautiful urban scenery will also bring a better life experience to the citizens and highlight the unique charm of the Economic Development Zone!