Signify launches a new brand of LED lighting to meet the diverse needs of customers

In recent years, with the development of lighting technology, Chinese lighting users have a more in-depth interpretation of the functional characteristics of lighting products, and thus have higher requirements for lighting application experience. Facing such a terminal situation in the industry, how to make lighting products more competitive in user experience has become an important indicator of whether lighting channel distributors and electrical service providers can win the market.

Signify launches a new brand of LED lighting to meet the diverse needs of customers

Recently, Signify’s sub-brand Plylot officially entered the Chinese lighting market, and brought three important products: LED full-luminous ultra-thin flat light, LED flood light, and dual-end power LED tube, which is wholesale for China’s lighting Channel merchants and end-users bring new lighting application optimization solutions.

As one of the preferred brands of professional electricians in the world, based on the excellent reputation accumulated in the industry over the years, the high-efficiency, energy-saving, and reliable products of Plylot have been recognized and favored by distributors, electricians, and users of lighting wholesale channels in many parts of the world. . The three important products entering the Chinese market this time will bring business opportunities to Chinese lighting channel distributors and electrical service providers, as well as new application experiences for Chinese lighting users.

Higher light efficiency brings a more comfortable lighting experience

In the after-sales service of China’s lighting wholesale channel distributors, customers often complain about the uncomfortable visual effects of the LED lamps they purchase. When dealing with this type of problem, dealers often need to contact the technical staff of the lighting manufacturer to find a suitable time to help customers check the light-emitting problem of the lighting. They also need to contact the electrical service provider to solve a series of processes such as lighting disassembly and assembly. This requires a lot of manpower, material resources, and various expenses, and the final problem may not be finally solved. The most unfavorable thing for dealers is that the emergence of lighting efficiency problems will affect their recognition in the eyes of customers, and will have a negative impact on future market operations.

The problem with the luminous efficiency of LED lamps is that manufacturers only pay attention to the luminous brightness of the light source and have not formulated an effective light distribution plan. In view of the light comfort problem of Chinese lighting users for LED lighting products, the three major products of Puri Le have made unique optical design: its LED all-luminous ultra-thin flat light adopts a full-size light-emitting high-efficiency optical design, which is visually uniform. Spots, even when shooting with mobile phones, there will be no stroboscopic; its LED floodlight has a textured tempered glass mask, which not only increases the aesthetics of the lamp body but also makes the light soft and comfortable, reducing the irritation of glare to the eyes, through ultra-thin integration The style design greatly reduces the exposure of the lamps and achieves the effect of “seeing the light but not the light”. It is a perfect substitute for traditional floodlights; its double-ended power-in LED tube uses high-quality chips to achieve light efficiency. Up to 100lm/W, achieving 1600lm light output, the brightness is equivalent to 36W fluorescent tube, not only high efficiency and energy saving but also in line with IEC62471 non-light biological hazard standards, ensuring eye health.

The unique optical design of the three major products of Puli Le allows distributors participating in product marketing to sell products while also promoting a lighting light perception service to end lighting users, allowing those participating in the brand’s product wholesale channel promotion Merchants have changed from user-selectable “light sellers” to “light sellers” users vying to choose, enhancing their market credibility.