Solar street lights help Spanish city Seville improve urban safety

Recently, Xin Nuofei announced the use of solar lighting equipment to help Seville Elena Park enhance the safety of visitors. In this pilot project, Elena Park will install 20 sets of Philips Sun Stay solar street lights to jointly implement the environmental sustainability of Seville and Xin Nuofei.

Solar street lights help Spanish city Seville improve urban safety

Philips Sun Stay solar street lights integrate solar panels, lighting originals, charge controllers, and batteries in the same device, which makes it quite compact and easy to install and maintain. In addition, it will also help Seville, which adheres to environmental protection and sustainable development, reduce energy consumption, and carbon footprint.

Juan Espadasi, Mayor of Seville, said: “As a leading city in environmental protection development, Seville has always insisted on combating climate change, and its environmental protection philosophy is also in line with the 2030 Seville urban strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At the moment, all municipal power in Seville is 100% renewable energy. This is precisely the importance of creating green spaces in the city. This innovative commercial project can help increase the use of public space for citizens At the same time reduce emissions and achieve sustainable development. ”

Philips Sun Stay solar street lights can help reduce wiring costs and carbon footprint and reduce overall capital investment and operating expenses. Philips Sun Stay solar street light has a warm light output of 3,000lm and a luminous flux of up to 175lm per watt, which is currently the most efficient solar street light on the market.

After installing the Philips Sun Stay solar street lamp, high-quality lighting allows people to participate in more outdoor sports at night, and also makes the surrounding residents and tourists better use the city’s green public space.

“We are very happy to see the application of solar lighting in European cities.” Harsh Chitale, general manager of Xin Nuofei’s professional lighting business department, said in an interview, “I am very confident that in the future more and more European cities will The installation of solar street lighting will help fulfill our expectations of strong business development in the market segment in the coming year. ”

The new lighting system was installed in June this year. Compared with traditional lighting systems, solar street lights require less time to install. This is due to the fact that its installation project does not involve pipeline installation and other infrastructure transformation, and the input cost is less and the impact on local residents is also smaller.

This pilot project in Seville is another practice of Xin Nuofei on the concept of sustainable development. Xin Nuofei always adheres to the environmental protection commitment of “shiny life, beautiful world” and is committed to providing consumers with more efficient and energy-saving light sources and improving their quality of life. As an important part of the environmental protection commitment, Xin Nuofei has reached a carbon-neutral operation in Spain in 2017.