Taiwan is carrying on a draft “LED lighting standards”

With advanced LED technology, to meet the existing standards, the traditional light bulb on the market, such as halogen lamps and CFL energy-saving lamps will likely be replaced, and the development of smart home also catalyze the US Department of Energy to develop a standardized LED light efficiency standards proposal keeping up with the pace of technological change in lighting. Recently, the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced the proposed light bulb efficiency standards, efficiency standards for light bulbs is said that the proposal to provide more cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for the home user and office lighting. It can be said of traditional bulbs to match the change in LED lights and the whole transition and industrial markets has occurred.

Taiwan is carrying on a draft "LED lighting standards"

Taiwan’s first “LED lighting standards” and worldwide first paper “LED street lighting national standards,” the draft, recently designed by the technical department of the program supported by the domestic LED convened on the establishment of a common downstream related businesses “LED lighting standards and quality R & D Alliance “to develop complete. Next, the alliance will hold a public hearing of the draft, hoping to collect the views of the industry to make better by Standard Content.

Ministry of Economic Affairs, said the contents of the draft standard LED lighting encompasses wafer upstream, midstream and the downstream packaging applications, a total of 17 kinds of standards, is expected to complete the development of this standard, will gradually improve the technical standards of the LED industry, the expansion of domestic demand as a whole market, and to help Taiwan develop China’s lighting industry into the international market, and create unlimited business opportunities. In fact, China’s LED Standardization also need some way to go, not overnight. Since Japan and South Korea and Taiwan also have invested LED standard-setting work, the future build and promote the standards of the decision will be LED lighting key factor in the outcome of the war.