Thai Government promote best led lighting fixtures

Taiwan Everlight response to the Thai government who planned to promote LED lighting lamps, so it resulted in high market demand for derivatives. It is the first time ahead of Thailand, which showcases new lighting elements and the actual lighting applications.

For Thailand, the LED light source applications and the growing market demand for lighting modules, Everlight debut “2013 LED THAILAND”, display a variety of new best led lighting components, LED digital display devices, automotive LED components and infrared LED components, providing local customers complete LED lighting solutions.

Thai Government promote best led lighting fixtures

Everlight LED display digital display devices, automotive LED components and infrared components, providing local customers from a single component to the integrated modules. The complete solutions help customers to find the most suitable product. High, medium and low-power package with integrated best led lighting elements, the most important cost-effective (Lm / $) 62-217D series, in response to the client using the components so that required for different lighting products.

Everlight introduces New Medium Power LED elements 62-217D series, dimensions compact size, 5.6×3.0x0.9mm and with new tent technology, significantly enhance the cost-effective, especially for the use of the ball bulb. In addition,62-217D series has passed LM80 lighting tests.

Upon electronic motors, industrial automation appliance manufacturers demand, Everlight special exhibit the low power consumption, high brightness and excellent visual effect LED digital display devices, which is suitable for high sensitivity audio electronic products to industrial display products.

Billion light also provides a dashboard from the car, such as back-lighting, light entertainment system instructions, LCD back light and reading light tents, etc., to the outside of the vehicle, such as daytime running lights and a series of energy saving, high brightness, high efficiency, quick response and the small size of the best led lighting source , all are can not only meet the required vehicle but the reaction was fast low energy lighting conditions, but also due to DRL norms, it strengthen security on traveling.

A special attention, the European Union in 2008 announced an official announcement, on 7 February 2011 onwards require all small trucks and small buses, you must configure Car Daytime Running Light (DRL) to reduce daytime accidents.