Domestic led lighting development is as the guide of market-based channel

Mayun said in the 21st century, either e-commerce, or no business can be. Lighting industry seems to have “sniffed” this trend, nearly two years of development, they are more gather in this direction. A survey agency shows that as the largest B2C platform, Tmall  Lamps category sales overall upward trend, in 2012, the annual sales is up to 600 million yuan, an increase of 200%.

Domestic led lighting development is as the guide of market-based channel

China Illuminating Engineering Society General Dou Linping have an interview with Aladdin Lighting News Network reporter said, one is engaged in the lighting industry because their own electricity supplier business base is relatively low, so it shows the current growth rate higher; another one cut into the domestic led lighting product price is relatively high, so the overall lighting products sales grew rapidly.

Previously, Electricity brand director said that the current LED market is actually a small niche market, some high-intellectuals are more likely to accept LED lighting products than ordinary consumers, compared to the traditional channels, electricity shop business model eliminates the cost, and also eliminate a large number of channel cost, low terminal price, inferior race to breastfeed line channels, all facilitates are faster to open civil domestic led lighting market.

As we all know, the most intuitive difference between e-commerce sales and traditional sales channels is that one is relying on the network medium, another one is relying on offline marketing. For the lighting industry, the industry reshuffle dangerous volts is at the door. Taking LED lighting products concerned, the EMC model promotion need the enterprise funds in advance, listed companies in this “game” which will naturally become the best interests of the winner, small and micro enterprises can only take down an effort in marketing channels.

For sales of domestic led lighting products development, e-commerce becomes easier, because it requires a relatively low cost and investment, which is conducive to play the price advantage; offline marketing channel development will need to build a network of contacts, self-built channels, investment home, etc. But the benefits of offline marketing channels that once it is perfect and mature marketing channels, it will form a fixed group of consumers and distributors, in order to form relatively stable sales model.