The correct selection of qualified LED bulbs

With people’s high respect on green energy saving life, LED bulbs known as energy saving, environmental protection, high bright, easy replacement and long life gradually coming into view, becoming the choice of more and more consumers. However, faced with a wide variety of LED bulbs products and a disorganized market, how could consumers do to choose qualified LED bulbs?

  The first step: examine the product packaging carefully

Regular LED bulb products have parameter index, manufacturers, origin, contact information and logo on the packaging of product. Through product packaging, consumers can first understand the most concerned factors like brightness, light color, energy-saving and lifespan, thus choosing the right products.

  Step Two: Pick up the bulbs and observe from all sides

After reading the product packaging, the next step is to take out the bulb, touch, shake and have a quiz. First, take a look at the appearance of the lamp, its overall appearance should be smooth and evenly without scratches; Second hand touches the bulb surface everywhere, which should be smooth, no obvious stab hand feeling; once again, shake the bulb forcefully to see there is no abnormal noise internal; Finally, ask businessman to lit up the bulb in a relatively dark environment to observe its light color and brightness.

The correct selection of qualified LED bulbs

  The third step: consider both safety and environmental protection

LED bulbs as a household appliance, its security is a top priority. Therefore, consumers must choose LED products with national product quality certification, be sure to check safety certification of products (such as GB certification and CE certification, etc.).

  Step Four: Considering the need first

ENELTEC lighting experts believe that the space environment of each family is different, consumers should choose the appropriate LED bulb according to the environment rather than the brighter the better, nor is the more expensive the better.