The detail of Hong Kong 1881 square lighting design

Hong Kong 1881 square, is located in Kowloon, Hong Kong yau tsim mong district no. 2 A, Canton road, Tsim Sha Tsui, from 1881 to 1996 years for the Marine police headquarters of the total area, become the legal interest of Hong Kong in 1994.As a holy place with a long history in Hong Kong, after years of washing, its unique architectural style is still be a beautiful beautiful scenery line in Hong Kong, and become the Chinese and foreign tourists to Hong Kong.

The detail of Hong Kong 1881 square lighting design

Hong Kong due to its special historical heritage, the person much less geographical environment determines the diversity of architectural style, both the lingnan style, classical architecture style and the colonial period.Considering the Hong Kong 1881 square main body is Victoria style, in the overall lighting solution design, Eneltec LED focus on the beauty of the lines of the outline of buildings, using a variety of lighting technique characterization structural context and present architectural details, accurate expression peculiar to the Victorian building of elegant and gorgeous, and appropriate colors as accurate light distribution make building main body with the surrounding environment is complement each other, is unique and not abrupt.

Because the 1881 square in Hong Kong’s bustling place, in the lights of the main building build the warm white lights highlight the style of building, build sweet mysterious breath, in Hong Kong’s night scene neon-lit fang Buddha is a flickering stars, is like concealed attract the arrival of tourists, local accent lighting fit square has a long history of stable quality, at the same time, simple light show its simplicity and easy temperament.

Square the music fountain at the entrance and lighting effects, green belts Eneltec LED by the change of light color, the use of different intensity of illumination light will be green plant building colour profusion, at the same time the use of project-light lamp highlight different green plant’s personality beauty, the flow of the combination of warm and cool light source the fountains of water, would be a perfect fusion of music and the lights in the elegant lamplight, the water as the notes, as a dancer in a dance, as visitors to bring a light visual feast.

LED lights used in detail, mainly use the technique of the combination of light and shade, lights, buried lights, project-light lamp, pixel lights for different objects, and construction details make different lighting effects, outstanding construction administrative levels at the same time, it is chic and unique show incisively and vividly.Through project-light lamp one bright one dark set, highlighting Victoria building small Roman column and build a dreamy effect brought light deep stair place, that coincide with prominent porch;Apply to exhibit article lamp refine the details of the green plant.Details of the perfect application of collocation of whole is contracted, comfortable elegant to the person.