The landscape lighting project of Haisu Cultural Square in Changning District, Shanghai was successfully completed

Recently, the landscape lighting system of Haisu Cultural Plaza in Changning District has been commissioned and passed the project completion acceptance.

The landscape lighting project of Haisu Cultural Square in Changning District, Shanghai was successfully completed

As an important gathering place of culture, commerce and art in Changning District, Haisu Cultural Square is connected to Liu Haisu Art Museum, Haisu Green Space, Tianshan Park, light rail and other public venues and transportation hubs. In the overall night scene creation, combined with Haisu Cultural Square the fa?ade shape, with the meaning of mountains and rocks, echoes with Liu Haisu Art Museum, and jointly builds a cultural landmark with undulating mountains. The roof of the building has the highest brightness, followed by the entrances and exits and nodes, and the green landscape has the lowest brightness. Landscape lights are used to coordinate and integrate all blocks to the greatest extent.

The overall color temperature of the landscape lighting in Haisu Cultural Square is comfortable and pleasant, and the appropriate color lighting in the trendy blocks of the commercial space and the open-air square effectively enhances the commercial atmosphere.

The commercial block also incorporates high-tech interactive lighting, which perfectly combines art and commerce.

Gemdale Xinhua Road

Recently, the “Golden Land Xinhua Road” commercial office space project located on the west side of Shangsheng Xinsuo, Xinhua Road Street, was completed and opened. Since the start of construction, the District Greening and City Appearance Bureau’s Lighting Division has maintained linkage with businesses, actively doing a good job in the review and acceptance of lighting projects, and further exerting the role of “cohesion” in cohesion, service, and empowerment.

Xinhua Road is a long building with a total length of nearly 200 meters. The design style reveals minimalist aesthetics, and the thick stone on the facade creates a sense of time imprint.

When the lights come on, the lights of Xinhua Road are quiet, elegant, stable and grand. The overall building is presented in 3000K warm colors, blending in with the surrounding environment. The RGBW dimming and color changing system is turned on on weekends and holidays to increase the leisure atmosphere, which complements Shangsheng Xinsuo. The west facade of the building faces the residential buildings. In order to reduce the impact on the surrounding residents, lighting methods such as internal light transmission, slit lighting, window frame and overhanging lighting are mainly used to enhance the sense of three-dimensionality and lines.

Zhoupu Xieyang Culture and Leisure Corridor

Zhoupu Xieyang Cultural and Leisure Corridor is located at Lane 185, Quankou Road, Xinjing Town. It is a beautiful neighborhood with a miniature of old Shanghai and historical and cultural heritage. The night view of Zhoupu Xieyang enriches the urban slow traffic system, is an organic unity of living space, cultural space, and ecological space, and is a continuation of the beautiful scenery of Xinjing Town. Last year, the District Landscape Institute carefully organized maintenance units to comprehensively update the landscape lighting of Zhoupu Xieyang through the mode of maintenance and construction through landscape lighting.

Through the construction of landscape lighting, the cultural landscape wall and corridors are clearly layered, and people can feel the “past and present” of Xinjing Town on the landscape wall while strolling in the natural and comfortable night scene.

The image building of Zhoupu Xieyang has “Jiangnan rhyme”. Landscape lights with different color temperatures are randomly interspersed, which not only satisfies functional lighting, but also awakens the vitality of the building at night.

Along the walls of Jiangnan-style residences, the figure sculptures are designed vividly, adding to the fun of the space. Through the projection of lights, the humanistic life atmosphere in the regional environment can be better highlighted, and it has become a scenic spot for people to stop and watch.

The antique door shape, through the blessing of lights, uses the most natural method to highlight its three-dimensional effect, and the beautiful outline of the ancient building is clearly presented at night.

The landscape corridor at night not only satisfies practical and functional lighting, but also satisfies the creation of a comfortable and comfortable night environment atmosphere, providing surrounding residents with a public space for interaction and communication at night.

The orderly array of transparent and concise small light boxes on the cultural wall displays artworks and peasant paintings of various shapes, which not only play a role in promoting classic culture, but also make the entire wall come alive. The reporter learned that at present, the first phase of Zhoujiabang waterfront public space is being renovated and upgraded, and will be reopened to the public after the renovation is completed.