The new generation of Philips Hengrui light LED G2 car lights shines on the market

Philips Car Products recently announced the launch of the Philips Hengrui Light LED G2 car light series, which has a longer effective irradiation area and a larger range; car owners who want to upgrade LED headlights must not miss this high performance, good durability, and extremely cost-effective New generation of headlight bulbs.

The new generation of Philips Hengrui light LED G2 car lights shines on the market

As the leading lighting solution in the automotive industry, Philips Automotive Lighting enjoys a high reputation in the automotive industry. It started in 1914 and has a history of more than 100 years. The design and development of Philips automotive lighting products follow a strict quality control process. Philips Hengrui LED G2 series headlights to sit at a 6500K color temperature, projecting a cool white light beam effect exclusive to modern LEDs, making consumers’ cars always stand out.

Excellent durability, dual heat dissipation

Thermal management is a key factor that determines the lighting performance of LED products. Philips Hengrui Light LED G2 headlamp uses dual thermal management technology to cool the bulb to achieve the highest efficiency. The built-in fan based on the 1+1 design and the aluminum radiator with anodized coating can effectively dissipate heat and maintain the best brightness. Swati Singh, LED product manager for Philips Automotive Products, said: “The special structure of these lamps allows heat to dissipate quickly, ensuring that their brightness is always at the optimal level. They also have a longer life span without the need for multiple times replace.”

In addition, Hengruiguang G2 series has pure LED car light properties, such as high photoelectric conversion efficiency and energy saving, and it does not contain any harmful materials, so there is no need to worry about environmental pollution.

Compact integrated design, plug, and play

The Philips Hengrui LED G2 headlight adopts a new design, integrating the driver box in the lamp body (the driver box is the center of the LED headlight and manages the performance of the car lights, while the LED products on the market usually make the driver box independent of the lamp. Outside the body). This optimized design leaves more space for the bulbs in the car lights and is easier to install. Even the smallest headlights can be easily accommodated. At the same time, the installation is very simple and quick to get started, and it is compatible with 12V and 24V electrical systems, and is suitable for most models.

Uniform and accurate beam pattern, further escort

The precise optical design of the Philips Hengrui LED G2 headlight can project the beam only within the range required during the driving distance, and improve the effective lighting area. It can not only find obstacles faster, and allow drivers to drive more confidently, but also avoid dangerous glare to dazzle the driver of on-traffic vehicles. Swati Singh (Swati Singh) added: “In order to obtain a precise beam, it is also very important to place the bulb in the consumer’s car light.” The new generation of Philips Hengrui LED car lights is equipped with adjustable adapters. Ring, to ensure accurate light shape adjustment, so as to obtain better lighting effects, making everyone on the road safer.