The overall coverage of LED lighting products is expanded

The “Harmonized System of Commodity Names and Coding” (referred to as “Harmonized System”) is a basic catalog for my country to formulate import and export tariffs, implement trade control, trade statistics and other import and export management measures. A few days ago, in order to adapt to the development of international trade, the World Customs Organization released the 2022 edition of the “Harmonized System” revised catalog, which will take effect on January 1, 2022.

The overall coverage of LED lighting products is expanded

The reporter found that the adjusted “Harmonized System” proposes separate tax items for LED replacement light sources, LED modules, and lamps and lighting devices that only use light-emitting diode (LED) light sources. Electric light source products and lighting products are listed as a whole The coverage is expanded.

In recent years, LED lighting products have become the main products of my country’s lighting industry in foreign trade. The data shows that in the first three quarters of 2021, my country’s total exports of lighting products are about 47 billion U.S. dollars, of which the total exports of various LED lighting products are 33.8 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for nearly 72% of the exports.

According to the China Electrical Equipment Association, in the current 2017 version of the “Harmonized System”, in addition to the separate customs code for LED replacement light sources, other LED lighting products do not have corresponding customs classification codes, and it is impossible to achieve accurate export data of various LED lighting products. Statistics are also not conducive to the implementation of relevant supporting policies for the import and export of LED lighting products. The changes in the “Harmonized System”, on the one hand, are in line with the current rapid growth in the export of LED bulbs, LED tubes or LED components; on the other hand, they are in line with the current industry development of integrated design, manufacturing and export of LED light sources and lamps. The trend is in line with the actual needs of my country’s lighting appliance industry. Under the current global active promotion of green and low-carbon development, the refinement of the classification and customs codes of LED lighting products will further promote the entry of various LED lighting products into overseas markets.

It is understood that since 2012, the China Lighting Association and the Global Illumination Association (GLA) have been working together to reach a consensus on the addition of LED lighting products and sub-heading classification codes for LED lighting products, and actively cooperate with my country’s customs authorities. Promote the addition of sub-heading classification codes for LED light source products and LED lighting products.

At the same time, the China Association of Lighting and Electrical Appliances also reminded all relevant export companies to pay attention to the HS code changes of LED light source products and LED lighting products, as well as the new “Regulations on the Administration of Customs Declaration Unit Filing”, and take the initiative to understand and in-depth study the above management requirements based on their own business conditions. The impact of the changes in production and operations, to avoid delays in customs clearance of goods exports.