UAE LED lighting market growth

After several years after the real estate bubble crisis, the UAE’s construction industry has entered a recovery phase. In many projects launched a large number of the occasion, the lighting market spring. Meanwhile, the UAE growing population, urbanization and rapid development for the control of carbon dioxide emissions, energy conservation, the United Arab Emirates began to attach importance to environmentally friendly products.

Market size, according to the data show that in 2012, the total market size of LED lighting in the UAE about 46 million to 54 million US dollars, the equivalent of one million sales -120 million. 2013 UAE LED lighting share of approximately 60 million to 68 million US dollars, in 2014 the UAE LED lighting market size compared to the previous year by 23 percent, share of approximately 78 to 82 million US dollars. Where the international giant Philips, GE and OSRAM maintain their leading position in market share in 2014 accounted for more than 60%.

The total market in UAE is also showing strong growth and is expected to reach $ 224 million in 2019 the market size of approximately (equivalent to about 1.43 billion yuan), 2014-2019 compound annual growth rate will reach 20%. Additionally, Dubai will host the 2020 World Expo, but also bring continued growth for the LED industry, the huge scale of demand. In the implementation of the “along the way” strategy, the relationship between China and the UAE will become more closely in infrastructure will also reach more and more cooperation.

Import and export, 2012 – 2014 LED lighting rapid growth of the UAE’s total imports, in 2014 has more than 470 million US dollars. According to the 2015 data show, LED lighting amount of Chinese exports to the UAE was approximately $ 70,916,000, which accounted for the top three is a ceiling lamp, LED down light, LED panel light, accounting for respectively 23.8%, 19.7%, 17.6 %.

Policy, the UAE government announced regulations on energy-efficient lighting products, to ban the sale of inefficient light bulbs and to ensure the promotion and use of energy-efficient, safe and high-quality bulbs. The new regulations from July 1, 2014 began to phase out inefficient lighting, and standardize the implementation process for the recovery and disposal. According to the United Arab Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority (ESMA) of instruction, in December 31, 2014 formally prohibited standard incandescent bulbs sold in the UAE. UAE will lead the implementation of the lighting standards throughout the Middle East and regulatory provisions.

Product standards, standardization and meteorology agency United Arab Emirates (ESMA) also made the corresponding specifications. First, the United Arab Emirates has identified lighting products certification and registration requirements. Second, the relevant parameters required lighting products have been identified, including electrical safety, energy efficiency, functionality and safe disposal. Third, all the lighting product packaging will show energy labels to show details about the energy efficiency rating. Fourth, do not meet the regulations of lighting products allowed to enter the UAE market.