Unisnug released UV disinfection lamp

Only in campus scenes, in the past two decades, the media has publicly recorded dozens of “campus ultraviolet lights hurting people”. Students’ eyes and skin were burned, all because of accidentally turning on or forgetting to turn off. Individual schools and kindergartens have loopholes in installation, management, and use, and people lack the understanding that ultraviolet rays can easily cause mass injuries. Unisnug recently released the intelligent control UV disinfection lamp, which can be turned on by remote control or front-end IPC linkage. It supports infrared human body induction. It stops working immediately when the human body is detected within 4.5 meters, which effectively eliminates human error and improves the safety and convenience of UV lamp use.

Unisnug released UV disinfection lamp

In life, viruses, bacteria, and molds that are invisible to the naked eye are everywhere. The current COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world, and public health incidents are frequent; kitchens and bathrooms in the home are humid, and the cabinets are prone to mold; the elderly and children have low immunity and are prone to seasonal allergies; pets in the house are more likely to be infected with parvovirus when they go out for a week; Pillows are covered with millions of mites…These hidden “killers” will come out to make trouble when the body’s resistance is low. The principle of ultraviolet sterilization uses UVC ultraviolet rays to destroy the DNA molecular structure of microbial cells, making them lose their ability to reproduce and self-replicate, and achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. The unisnug intelligent control ultraviolet disinfection lamp adopts wall-mounted installation, which effectively expands the scope of sterilization.

-Two-pronged approach for more sterilization: using the industry’s advanced deep-ultraviolet lamp sterilization technology, equipped with two ultraviolet lamps, combined with a structural optical reflective surface, improving light efficiency and ultraviolet sterilization ability, comprehensive disinfection and sterilization, purifying the air, and one-click on the whole house disinfection. There is a “smell of sunshine” in the air after disinfection;

-Remote control is more convenient: remote control, three-speed timing (30/60/120 minutes) off, delayed 15s to start, personnel can leave calmly; IPC (indoor camera) alarm output interface is connected to the disinfection lamp alarm input, that’s it Setting the UV lamp to turn on and off regularly is an integration and extension with Yushi’s main line products;

-Human body detection is safer: the human body infrared intelligent induction upgrade (dual PIR, any one can be triggered), that is, it will stop immediately when the human body is detected within 4.5 meters, and the delay will start again until the person leaves. It is effectively eliminated by technological means Human error and UV damage, comprehensively improve the safety of UV lamp use.

The intelligent control ultraviolet disinfection lamp illuminates a room of sunlight and starts a healthy life. It is suitable for homes, hotels, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other scenes. Standardized use can be a weapon to cut off disease transmission. Unisnug takes safety as the core and provides intimate protection for consumers around a variety of life scenarios.

Precautions for use

1. When using UV disinfection lamps, people, animals and plants must leave the UV irradiation area.

2. Ultraviolet rays have certain damage to human skin and mucous membranes. Do not stare at the ultraviolet disinfection lamp for a long time. Take care to protect yourself.

3. When disinfecting items, spread or hang the items to expand the irradiation surface, the effective distance is one meter, and the irradiation is about 30 minutes.

4. Keep the environment clean during use. When the indoor temperature is less than 20°C or the relative humidity is more than 50%, the irradiation time should be extended.

5. After use, please ventilate first, and then enter the room after 30 minutes.