Xiamen will launch 60 smart street lights next month

As part of the city’s public infrastructure, streetlights have a number of “hidden” functions in addition to nighttime lighting: not only charging electric vehicles, providing Wi-Fi hotspots, monitoring environmental information, but also providing security monitoring, to achieve a one-button emergency alarm in the event of an accident.

Xiamen will launch 60 smart street lights next month

At present, the street lighting intelligent lighting monitoring system has different degrees of investment in all districts of Xiamen. After being transformed into an intelligent lighting monitoring system, it can realize remote switching lights, automatic fault alarm, on-demand lighting, etc. The energy saving rate can reach more than 70%, effectively improving the fine management level of urban street lamps.

There are 5,000 street lamps in Xiamen Tongan District using the intelligent lighting monitoring system. At the end of May, 60-inch smart street lamps will be built in Zhongshan Road, Tongan District. This is the first time that smart street lamps have been used in Fujian. Moreover, these smart street lights will be equipped with 5G base stations, which can achieve 5G coverage.

It is understood that smart street lights will be integrated through PLC, wireless Wi-Fi and other technologies, including smart lighting, smart monitoring, smart sensing, smart charging, smart alarm, and many other functions.

It can not only monitor environmental sensing information such as PM2.5, radiation, temperature, wind speed and rainfall in real time, provide real-time monitoring of environmental parameters, and can also install security monitoring system to realize real-time monitoring, face recognition, traffic monitoring, and positioning tracking; In addition, it can also realize Wi-Fi hotspot connection, broadcast important information such as weather, traffic, news, etc. through LED display, and provide functions such as paid charging and one-button emergency alarm for electric vehicles.