Xuzhou road lighting smart system upgrade

According to reports, in recent years, the lighting management department of Xuzhou Urban Management Bureau passed the energy-saving renovation of street lamps, replaced the “three remote” control cabinets compatible with 5G street lamps, built a single-light control system for street lamps, and the multi-functional smart system poles to be piloted. Promote the intelligent construction of urban lighting.

Xuzhou road lighting smart system upgrade

According to reports, Xuzhou City is about to install a multi-functional smart light pole at the intersection of Jinshan East Road and Hudong Road. In addition to the role of street lights, the light pole will also be equipped with various sensors and sensing devices, including traffic lights and traffic. Indication logo, LED information release screen, high-definition camera, 5G network coverage, wireless WIFI, environmental monitoring components, city broadcasting, information release, etc.

Xuzhou City Lighting Management Office official said that the energy-saving renovation of street lamps in the Jinshan East Road area is being implemented, including the replacement of 292-inch road sodium lamps with LED lights, and the installation of a single-lamp intelligent control system, totaling 292 baht.

According to the person in charge, these LED lights are all 150W, which can be used for variable power control. If the pedestrians at night are scarce, you can reduce the power and achieve the travel needs of a small number of people, while saving resources and costs. If the daytime encounters rainy days and the light is dim, these street lights can also be supplemented with low-power lighting to supplement the lack of natural light.

There are 63,000 street lamps in the urban area of Xuzhou City, and there are 10 roads for the pilot single-lamp intelligent control system.

It is reported that next year Xuzhou City will be responsible for the energy quality of some road sodium lamps, the lighting quality is not high, the brightness is not up to standard, the 15,000 sodium lamp is energy-saving renovation, all replaced with LED street lights, and a single lamp control system. It is estimated that the annual electricity cost will be about 4 million yuan.