High request of LED medical lighting market

In 2007, China's LED medical lighting R & D was started, the higher the medical device industry barriers, involving phototherapy mechanism, optics, MEMS, thermal, photochemical and so meet the technical applications, technology risk, there are technical personnel barriers, brand disorders, sales channels barriers, financial barriers and market access barriers, greatly limiting the large number of enterprises to enter.

High request of LED medical lighting market

Secondly, the medical device industry less affected by the economic cycle, industrial policy greatly influenced it. LED medical lighting is a "small" market segments, a large medical device companies operate mostly just passing medical lighting products, there are few professional manufacturer of medical lighting products on the market are expensive. Therefore, LED medical lighting is high-tech, high-risk, high barriers to entry of specialty lighting products.

CSA Research concluded that, although compared to the LED lighting market, LED medical lighting field value may be relatively small, but medical lighting belong to medical equipment, there are strict regulations and certification requirements, technology, safety requirements are very strict rules, and common functional lighting compared to riskier technology, high barriers to entry. With the emphasis on community health care, medical rehabilitation, environmental protection and energy saving, LED medical lighting in the domestic market will open up a new world.


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