China's exports in the Middle East in 2014 the rapid growth of LED lighting products

2014 China ten key areas of LED products exported to the Middle East market scale was $ 273.7 million, an increase of 106.68 percent in 2015, exports are expected to more than 570 million US dollars. Exports to the Middle East market LED main products are LED lighting, LED display, LED, lighting, accessories.

China's exports in the Middle East in 2014 the rapid growth of LED lighting products

From the Middle East market, most Chinese exports are Iran LED market size of $ 103 million exports, an increase of 178.88%; came in second place is the UAE market, exports of $ 080 million, an increase of 100.77% ; export market, Saudi Arabia $ 034 million, an increase of 54.77%. LED products increased from exporting countries in the Middle East, the Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria and other countries the growth rate were maintained at 100%, is increasing rapidly.

2014 China's exports in the Middle East market, LED lighting products reached $ 139 million, up 210.67 percent year on year growth. The top three exporting countries were Iran ($ 044 million), the United Arab Emirates ($ 043 million), Saudi Arabia ($ 019 million). From the growth point of view, China LED lighting products export to the Middle East market was explosive growth, including Iran (510.73%), Syria (470.23%), the highest growth rate. In addition to Israel, the rest were more than 200 percent growth rate.

From 2014, LED lighting market, Iran, while Iran is China LED lighting products in the Middle East region's largest export market, but China LED lighting products accounted for only 11.02% of the Iranian market, the largest share of German products in the Iranian market, accounting of 66.14%, followed by the United Arab Emirates, China is only the third largest importer of Iran, and the relatively small size of imports.


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