The continued expansion of the Middle East market LED lighting products future demand

Middle East market strong infrastructure investment, cooperation and national development plans are involved in international infrastructure, world-class events and major events are on the development of a powerful LED driver, such as Dubai will host the 2020 World Expo and Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup, etc., lead to continued growth for the LED industry, the huge scale of demand.

The continued expansion of the Middle East market LED lighting products future demand

The most anticipated event when Egypt moved the capital. To alleviate crowding pressure of Cairo, the Egyptian government decided to close to the highway between Cairo and Suez to build a new administrative capital, Cairo government departments will migrate there. New administrative capital of Egypt, will open four million feddans (Egypt unit of area 1 feddan about 42 hectares) of land, repair 3,200 km of roads, a road there is light, it is desirable, energy saving, durable product when it is LED lights, LED enterprises in bear country infrastructure, street reconstruction, the new has a wealth of experience to take this opportunity to enter the Egyptian market, will bring great opportunities for business development.

Relations between China and Middle East countries become more closely, in terms of infrastructure but also to reach a growing number of cooperation, such as China will expand cooperation with Iran in the energy and infrastructure development; the Chinese construction booster Silk Road, Palestine also involved. Next, Egypt proposed power plants, 500 MW photovoltaic power plant; Jordan spent $ 120 million to build solar charging grid; the threat of war in Iraq remains committed to the construction of the southern airport. The rise in infrastructure to promote growth in demand for LED lighting package, this effect continues to spread, resulting in a new round of market demand. Oman plans in 2015 - 2.5 billion yuan investment in 2017 rural electricity infrastructure development, infrastructure construction projects has been Saudi Arabia 180 million of financial support.


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