Henan Shangqiu Yongcheng strengthens street lamp protection

Recently, on major and secondary arterial roads such as Jianshe Road and Tiebei Road, workers from the Street Lighting Management Office of Yongcheng City Urban and Rural Construction Bureau in Shangqiu, Henan Province are overhauling street lighting facilities despite the high temperature and heat. I saw them wearing hard hats, wearing protective ropes, holding professional tools, helping ladders, checking wiring and wiring... After a while, the street lights that had lost their brightness turned on again with their close cooperation.

Henan Shangqiu Yongcheng strengthens street lamp protection

"We started inspections and maintenance at 7 o'clock in the morning. After repairing this side, we will continue to inspect parks and squares. If we find that the street lamp facilities are damaged, we will repair them in time to ensure that the citizens' travel at night will not be affected." Master Wang, a worker of the street lamp management office, told reporters. Said.

Strolling in parks and squares to relax, relax and entertain is part of the evening life of many citizens. Therefore, the normal operation of parks, squares and road lighting facilities is particularly important, and behind every normal lighting street lamp is the hard maintenance of street lamp maintenance personnel. . "When I passed by here a few days ago, I found that a street lamp was broken and the road was pitch dark. After the street lamp was repaired, it was brighter than before, and I was not afraid to go out at night. Thanks to the hard work of the workers of the street lamp management office." Citizen Seeing that the dark road was restored to light, they all gave thumbs up.

In summer, the temperature is high and the weather is hot, and some street lighting facilities are easily damaged during operation. In order to create a safe and bright night environment for the general public to travel, in recent days, the Street Light Management Office of the Municipal Urban and Rural Development Bureau has taken active measures to increase the maintenance and management of street lights in response to the frequent occurrence of street light failures in the recent rainy season to ensure that the street lights in the central city brighten.

The Street Light Management Office of Yongcheng Urban and Rural Construction Bureau assigns street light facilities within its jurisdiction to specific personnel in accordance with the principle of "dividing areas, road sections, and steps" to carry out inspection and maintenance of urban lighting facilities in a solid and effective manner; at the same time, according to the characteristics of summer construction , scientific decision-making, scientific planning, creative work, reasonable arrangements for commuting time, adopting day and night operations, regardless of holidays, insisting on regular investigations, braving the high temperature and scorching heat, street by street to check the status of street lights in the urban area, Check the integrity rate of the facilities, and repair the problems in time if any problems are found. At the same time, in view of the characteristics of rainy and windy summer, actively formulate countermeasures, conduct leakage inspections on light poles, and immediately rectify hidden leakage hazards, reinforce the anchor screws of street lamp bases, eliminate potential safety hazards in time, and provide urban lighting and public safety at night. Travel provides strong protection.

"In recent years, with the increasing function of urbanization, the number of street lamps in urban areas has increased year by year. Some lighting street lamps in major and secondary arterial roads, park squares and other places will be damaged to varying degrees due to aging lines, normal wear and tear, and natural weather conditions. It is inconvenient for the majority of residents to travel at night. In response to this situation, based on refined inspections, we strengthen the emergency repair and maintenance of street lights, timely repair damaged street light facilities in squares, parks and roads, check for omissions and make up for vacancies, and effectively utilize the efficiency of lighting facilities. Brighten the city's 'eyes', continuously improve the quality of urban lighting, and make every effort to ensure the safe travel of citizens." During the interview, the relevant person in charge of Yongcheng City Urban and Rural Development Bureau said.

In the next step, the Street Lamp Management Office of Yongcheng City Urban and Rural Construction Bureau will take lighting improvement as a key task to dress up the city's appearance and display the city's image, continue to do a good job in the maintenance and management of street lighting facilities and beautification and lighting work, strengthen daily inspection and maintenance, and constantly Improve the integrity rate and lighting rate of street lighting facilities, ensure the safe operation of various night scene lighting facilities, and escort citizens to travel safely at night. While doing a good job in lighting street lights, the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Bureau also calls on residents and friends to improve their own quality, cherish and protect the city's lighting environment, and let street lights embellish the colorful nightlife of the people in the city.


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