Do not install lamps directly on cultural relics

According to Xinhuanet, fire is the main risk to cultural relics, and fire safety is the top priority of cultural relics safety work. The State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Ministry of Emergency Management issued guidance on the 18th to further strengthen the fire safety of cultural relics. It is clear that lamps and lanterns should not be installed directly on cultural relics for "lighting projects." It is necessary to maintain a safe distance when installing lamps and lanterns outside cultural relics.

Do not install lamps directly on cultural relics

According to reports, at present, some parts of the country still have problems such as failure to implement fire safety responsibilities for cultural relics, weak fire protection foundations, extensive management, and poor fire prevention and control capabilities, electrical faults, domestic fires, burning paper, and illegal fires at construction sites. Hidden dangers of cultural relic fires still exist, and it is necessary to start from the institutional mechanism to comprehensively strengthen and improve the fire safety of cultural relics.

Opinions are clear. National key cultural relics protection units and national first-level museums that are far away from the fire rescue team should establish full-time fire brigades, match fire equipment and equipment according to actual needs, and organize team members to conduct regular fire training and fire drills. Other cultural relics and museum units shall establish miniature fire stations as required, assemble personnel and fire equipment, and strengthen on-duty standby and patrol inspections.

According to opinions, cultural relics and museum units organize fire inspections at least once a month and conduct regular fire inspections daily. During the period of opening to the society, fire inspections are conducted every 2 hours, and night inspections are strengthened.

The opinion also proposes to fully apply advanced and applicable facilities and equipment, and actively promote the use of advanced facilities and equipment and technologies in remote supervision, intelligent monitoring, safe electricity use, efficient fire prevention and extinguishing, etc., to enhance the automatic alarm and fire extinguishing capabilities of cultural relics, and use of drones. And other equipment to conduct intelligent inspections of ancient villages and large cultural relic buildings to continuously improve the level of physical defense technology.


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