Qingdao Metro Line 13 is equipped with a new LED lighting solution

Recently, Philips Professional Lighting has equipped a new LED lighting solution for Qingdao Line 13 stations.

Qingdao Metro Line 13 is equipped with a new LED lighting solution

Through in-depth understanding of the environment and lighting needs of different areas of the subway station, and in accordance with different design schemes of the designer, Philips Professional Lighting customized the overall lighting solution for the Qingdao Metro Line 13 subway station, providing continuous LED strips, independent LED A variety of professional lighting products, including line lamps and other custom lamps.

Subway stations are usually divided into two main areas: the hall floor and the platform floor. The hall floor is the "facade" of the station and is the area where passengers change or stay. Therefore, the design of the station hall first needs to be bright and comfortable, and it also needs to highlight the image of the subway while taking into account practicality.

The station hall of Qingdao Metro Line 13 uses Philips custom continuous LED light strips:

● The neutral color temperature and wide-angle light distribution method can illuminate every corner of the station hall to the greatest extent, making the station hall look bright and spacious

● High color rendering brings comfortable lighting experience and leaves a good impression on passengers

● Long service life of 50,000 hours, which enables station halls to operate with peace of mind for a long time, while greatly reducing maintenance requirements

● The appearance of the lamps perfectly matches the surrounding decoration, making the design of the hall more integrated

● The linear design can play a guiding and positioning role, making the conversion from station hall to platform more clear.

The platform floor of the subway is where passengers wait and board. Passengers need to see the information in the station or the specific conditions of the subway in order to board the bus more safely and quickly, and they need a relatively quiet and comfortable space when waiting. Qingdao Metro Line 13 installed Philips custom free-standing LED line lights on the platform:

● High color rendering, neutral color temperature and wide light angle make the platform look bright and spacious, while providing passengers with a comfortable lighting experience

● Can be embedded into the design, making the platform design more integrated

● Different brightness can be selected to meet the needs of different areas. For example, higher and brighter lighting is used in the area of ??the air defense gate at the edge of the platform, making it easier for passengers to see route information and subway conditions.

In addition to meeting the functional lighting requirements, Philips Professional Lighting also provides customized lamps to match the unique design of some halls.


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