Does LED lights realy save money?

  The face of global climate change and rising energy prices, governments have begun to put some energy-intensive products as the primary object is disabled, there are obvious advantages in terms of energy saving LED also got the opportunity. So does Residential LED lights really save money?

Does LED lights realy save money?

  Now 18 watt LED light can reach 1400 lumens (luminous flux units, describing the radiation source unit time the ability to produce visual response strength, the larger the number, the brighter the lamp), while the 40-watt incandescent lamp only 400 lumens, the this visibility of the LED lighting a high degree of energy saving. However, he also bluntly, for large-scale LED lighting into the civilian, the urgent need to solve the price problem: "18 watt LED lights retail price of 200 yuan to succeed, while the 40-watt incandescent price was twelve yuan, for the people speaking, LED lights when in use, although it will save electricity, but on the unit purchase cost in terms of brightness, but not save money. "


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