LED Tube replacement feasibility report

  The traditional incandescent, fluorescent have a high power consumption, although the price of LED tubes are higher than ordinary fluorescent LED Tube and incandescent lamps, but comprehensive view, the total cost of LED Tube replacement project will still save a lot compared with ordinary lamps.

LED Tube replacement feasibility report

  1, LED Tube energy efficient: 1000 hours only consume power several 1KWH, (ordinary 60W incandescent cost 1 KWH for seventeen hours, ordinary 10W energy-saving lamps cost 1KWH for one hundred hours).

  2, LED lamp Long life: emitting semiconductor chips, no filament, no glass bulb, not afraid of vibration, not broken, the service life of up to fifty thousand hours (incandescent life is only one thousand hours, ordinary energy-saving lamp life only eight thousand hours).

  3, LED Tube Health: Healthy light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared light, does not produce radiation (ordinary light contains ultraviolet and infrared).

  4, LED Tube green lights: no harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, conducive to recovery and, and will not produce electromagnetic interference (ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead elements, energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts will produce electromagnetic interference ).

  5, LED Tube protect eyesight: DC drive, no flash (normal lights are AC drive, it will inevitably produce strobe).

  6, LED Tube light, high efficiency: low heat, 90% of the electrical energy into visible light (80% of the ordinary incandescent electric energy into heat, only 20% of the electrical energy into light energy).

  7, LED Tube safety factor: the required voltage, current smaller, less heat, no security risks, in mines and other dangerous places.

  8, LED lamp market potential: low-voltage DC power supply, battery, solar power, in remote mountainous areas and outdoor lighting such as lack of electricity, less electricity places.


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