Dramatically increase plant yields with UV light plant lighting

Under the agreement, Fluence will collaborate with BioLumic to provide plants with BioLumic's ultraviolet (UV) light signal through Fluence's industry-leading LED lighting solutions.

Dramatically increase plant yields with UV light plant lighting

BioLumic's main business is to provide semiconductor lighting solutions that harness the power of ultraviolet (UV) light to sustainably improve plant yield, health and quality through Light Signal Recipes?. According to reports, BioLumic's patented technology uses ultraviolet photomorphogenesis to trigger the biological growth of seeds and young plants, thereby greatly optimizing plant performance. The company's proven UV Light Signal Recipes? can dramatically increase plant yield, desirable plant traits and vigor, while also activating plants' natural resistance to pests and diseases.

“Our goal is to advance the cutting edge of plant science and agricultural technology innovation,” said David Cohen, CEO of Fluence, “We are excited to partner with BioLumic to achieve this goal and create the next generation of leading-edge cannabis. Lighting Solutions."

Fluence's lighting system will provide BioLumic's dynamic UV light treatment during the reproductive phase of plant production - a one-time treatment that yields benefits throughout the plant's growth cycle. Combining BioLumic and Fluence's market-leading solutions allows growers to achieve high-quality yield gains, increase cannabinoid levels, and improve overall plant quality while reducing cycle-to-cycle variability.

Steve Sibulkin, CEO of BioLumic, said: "BioLumic's UV Light Signal Recipes? program allows growers to easily use UV lighting to improve plant growth and gene expression without the need for significant input costs or chemicals. This collaboration will accelerate biological The development of the light signaling platform increases our company's access to the global horticultural market and strengthens Fluence's horticultural lighting product portfolio. This is a key development for growers looking for new ways to grow more crops for less. "


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