ENELTEC High Light Quantum Efficiency Plant Lighting LED

In this project, through the design of the phosphor ratio of green, blue, red and infrared phosphors, the realization technology of plant high-efficiency light spectrum was obtained, which improved the photon efficiency. The LED light distribution is optimized to improve the light extraction efficiency. Through the nano metal forming technology and optimization process, the thermal conductivity of the die-bonding layer is enhanced, the defects of the thermal conductive layer are reduced, and the packaging with low thermal resistance and high reliability is realized. The product innovatively improves the overall performance of the product through high-performance chip welding technology, high light extraction structure design and high optical quantum efficiency light-color conversion technology. Widely used in greenhouses, home planting, plant factories, breeding and other lighting scenes.

ENELTEC High Light Quantum Efficiency Plant Lighting LED

Light regulates plant photosynthesis, growth and development, morphogenesis and material metabolism. LED grow lights have the advantages of rich wavelength types, low energy consumption, and high light efficiency, which can optimally respond to the spectrum required for plant growth. Different plants can customize the most suitable spectrum through the adjustment of lamp beads and spectrum according to their growth characteristics. ENELTEC can provide customized services for color, CRI, color temperature, light distribution scheme and spectrum.


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