Erlianhot Airport completed the upgrade of taxiway sidelights

Recently, the Erlianhaote Airport Central Substation completed the upgrade of the taxiway sidelights and replaced all the traditional halogen lamps with LED lamps.

Erlianhot Airport completed the upgrade of taxiway sidelights

Compared with halogen lamps, LED lamps have the advantages of low energy consumption, low failure rate, long service life and uniform illumination. In the past, the energy consumption of the 10 traditional halogen sliding lamps was equivalent to the total consumption of the LED lamps after the renovation. The updated LED lamps had a power consumption of only 9w, which saved nearly 80% of the energy compared with the previous 48w.

Erlianhot Airport actively implements the concept of green development, and combines the requirements of the green airport concept of “resource conservation, environmental friendliness, efficient operation, and green development” to continuously promote the application of energy-saving equipment and gradually adopt the tradition in the terminal building, work area and flight area. The lamps are replaced by energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lamps. Upgrade the central air-conditioning fan and replace the original fan with an EB energy-saving fan.

Erlianhot Airport will continue to promote the central air-conditioning energy-saving, airport large-space lighting energy-saving and navigation lighting LED-ization upgrade work, and further promote the construction of green airports.


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